Sign was BENI’s 6th single (14th Overall). It was released on January 20, 2010.

Sign - BENI

1. Sign
2. Goin’ luv u
4. Sign (Instrumental)

I know I was pretty excited for 20.1 (is that right?) but out of all the singles I was probably the most excited for BENI’s. She’s still rockin that short hair and she looks sexy as always.

nullAs for Sign, why it’s a lovely ballad. It tops Mika’s ballad easily. While Mika’s was more classical, Sign incorporates traditional, as well as modern elements. On one hand you have the lovely piano chords and the pristine strings. On the other you have more R&B beats as well as some synth that just melds all of the sounds together into this symphony of R&B harmony. I personally loved her vocals towards the end where you could hear all of the emotion and such, very powerful. It’s a tad bit slow as far as tempo goes, but the music and vocals make up for everything.

Goin’ luv u actually reminds me a little of KIRA☆KIRA☆. It’s clearly not just pop, but it’s not straight up R&B, the blurs the line between the two. The music is really sweet and innocent, up-beat to some degree, but at the same time still filled with a plethora of synth. The claps and beats are still pretty good though. I can’t say that it’s not catchy, cause it’s infectious as s***t. Another amazing B-Side from the wonderful Beni.

For some reason I always find myself loving the DJ HASEBE remixes, and KIRA☆KIRA☆ is no exception. Like all remixes there’s a heavier emphasis on the percussion and beats. The music, overall sound, is the same, just some addition changes. The song is also a bit faster, but still tolerable. This is more like a soft and light hip-hop version of the original, minus all of the horrible raping.


Once again BENI doesn’t fail to disappoint. This ballad tops all of the ballads released as of yet, including the deposed Empress. As far as the hoard 20.1 singles released I would say that this is the GREATEST SINGLE!!!! It’s just that damn good. Clearly if you listen to one winter ballad, you NEED to listen to this song. As far as B-Sides go, both were great. Both actually sounded pretty similar but were equally amazing. An impressive and magnificent way to kick off her new era.



3 Responses to “Sign”
  1. Ashen Twilight says:

    WHAAA! I completely forgot about Sign when I made my Diva Wars Poll and I’m sad I did since it’s amazing to epic proportions! I don’t think it would sell more than GLORIA, Can We Go Back, or ALWAYS though… but it’s better than all three combined.

    Also, Goin’ luv u is like the psycho-happy version of CRUISE THE WORLD. “I’m goin’ love you boy…” So much catchiness in one song!

  2. Die says:

    I completely forgot about the DAI single xD

    I think this is the best so far, after that it’s gloria, then always then can we go back. but i don’t think it’s gonna sell more, unless she does some live performances, but you never know.

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