ALWAYS was Mika Nakashima’s 31st single. It was released on January 20, 2010. The title track was used as the theme song for Sayonara Istuka.

ALWAYS - Mika Nakashima

4. ALWAYS (Instrumental)
5. BABY BABY BABY (Instrumental)
6. SPIRAL (Instrumental)

First off let me just say BLEH to the cover. Mika is either trying to channel innocence or prostitution, I mean have you seen what she’s wearing (0.o). And besides that she looks terrible yet again. Her haircut didn’t look half as bad on CANDY GIRL but somehow she’s managed to make it look like shit. And she was doing so well with Nagareboshi and Over Load.

Thank goodness that ALWAYS is an amazing ballad, otherwise you’d have a shitty cover AND a shitty ballad, which is not the case. It’s a very traditional ballad with the piano and strings playing throughout the song, giving it a very classical feel. There’s also some synth, it’s very minimal, along with the guitar and percussion. It’s just a very lovely ballad in general. BABY BABY BABY differs slightly in the fact that the music is tweaked a bit, it’s a little more jazz driven, but overall it’s still a ballad for the most part. It’s too slow for my taste but what can you do?

My personal favorite on this single was SPIRAL. It’s far more new age and modern when compared with the previous two songs. It utilizes some synth, a bit funkier than usual, some rock, some percussion, and even the keyboard. It was a bit far out and even spacey at times but overall a very pleasant single. This was the catchiest song on the entire single.


Besides the shitty cover, this single was quite pleasant. I don’t have anything against it per-say but I do wish that it was a little better. There’s nothing wrong with ballads, but the last single was also a ballad, I’m waiting for something maybe jazz oriented or something a tad bit more catchier. That being said the ballads were beautiful as well as magical to some degree. But without a doubt SPIRAL was the best track IMO. I’m definitely a big fan of that spacey/80s funky music? I’m not sure what time period it came from, it could very well be late 70s, but the music just has the funky sound, not a bad thing. Hopefully her next album will be a bit better and more creative than this single.



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