NEXT FUTURE was GIRL NEXT DOOR’s 2nd album. It was released on January 20, 2010. It was released in two editions a CD+DVD edition and a CD only edition. First press editions included a photobooklet and a Non-stop Euro Remix disc of their debut album respectively.


1. Jump
2. Infinity
3. Winter Crystal
4. Sora e
5. Tri△ngle
6. Seeds of dream
7. Artemis (INST)
8. Orion
9. Muboubi na Jun’ai
10. Suzukaze Kaoru Hana (INST)
11. sa・ku・ra
12. Be your wings
13. Koi no Mahou
*Color Indicates A Previous Release

nullWell well, after another year of GND we have another album. But the one question is whether or not it’s as repetitive as the 1st album, and whether or not it’s all that good.

First off, let me say that this album IS REPETITIVE. If you were looking for something else and something different I suggest you stop reading right now and move on to another review, preferably here 😉 Now this is just what I’ve gathered from sampling most of the tracks. Yes there are those that stand out, but the majority are very eurobeat sounding.

So GND started out by releasing Seeds of dream, Infinity, Be your wings, FRIENDSHIP, and finally Orion. Honestly all of them sounded the same. All were very eurobeat sounding, nice to dance to for a while, but easily forgettable. The one song that stood out as amazing and a work of art was Orion, which was more of a mid-tempo ballad, well their attempt at a ballad, it’s better than nothing.

So basically after the two instrumentals, Artemis which sounded regal, classical, and just plain epic, Suku Kaze Kaoru Hana which was short and acoustic, you have 7 brand new songs.

One of the brand new songs is entitled Jump. It’s pretty clear that this is the song that’s meant to “push” the album, but I doubt it’ll work. It’s honestly nothing special. It’s GND all the way. On the bright side it’s not as bad as some of their other releases though.

Slightly breaking the trend is Winter Crystal. While it still retains that GND eurobeat sound, it is different. Things have been slowed down a bit, and the music isn’t nearly as obnoxious as usual.

And then you have tracks like Sora e, Tri△ngle, and finally Koi no Mahou. All of these songs have the eurobeat sound and all are equally as obnoxious as well as annoying. Songs like these are primarily

Slightly more rock driven is Muboubi na Jun’ai. While it still sounds very eurobeat, it’s a lot slower than the other songs. It’s also slightly more aggressive and again rock sounding. There’s more percussion, less of an emphasis on the keyboard, and the guitar is pretty much in change. It’s a nice change.

Easily the best new track, as well as the only one that truly stood out, is sa・ku・ra. It’s the closet thing to a mid-tempo ballad, and probably as long as one. You can even hear the strings in this song =O and if that wasn’t enough there are even some oriental strings! To some extent it still sounds GND, but for the most part it’s completely different and a hell of a lot better than any of their other releases.


In conclusion: YOU FAIL! This album essentially sucks. You had your shitty singles that sounded the same, except for one, and even that sounded pretty similar to the singles. I can honestly say that I’ve lost all faith in GND. This is probably the last album I’ll review from them, as I won’t care enough to listen to any more of their releases. I have to give them credit for sa・ku・ra because it’s the most unique thing they’ve done and it’s probably their best song. But other than that most of the songs were repetitive and sounded exactly the same. It was fine the first time around but playing the same things over and over gets annoying. And if it wasn’t for sa・ku・ra and Orion this album would have 0 stars. NEXT FUTURE my ass, more like NEXT FAILURE!



10 Responses to “NEXT FUTURE”
  1. Ashen Twilight says:

    I just wanted to point out that the “leaked cd-rip” at KMC and everywhere else is not a cd rip. I was tricked too.

    Also, I can’t understand why you don’t really like this album. sa・ku・ra is definitely the best song. I just can’t get over the oriental influences in it. Winter Crystal (more winter, seriously?) and Koi no Mahou are also songs I liked. The album songs were better than the singles though. Fo sho.

  2. Die says:

    so then it’s the promo? cause as long as it’s valid then the review stays the same.

    do you not hear the same thing throughout the album??? I mean it sounds nice, but when it’s too repetitive like it is it shows a lack of creativity. at least the first few singles sounded different. these singles sounded too similar and like i said only Orion stood out. then sa・ku・ra was just amazing, better than Orion and yeah i did like Winter Crystal and Muboubi na Jun’ai a little, but overall the album sounds the same. It’s almost like YUI’s last studio album, which wasn’t all that great IMO.

    • Ashen Twilight says:

      Well, like all the singles weren’t even in the right order if you downloaded from KMC and it’s not in 320K even though it says it is. Other than that it’s the same, but you should review the euro-beat album thing. Now that’s something that is going to sound the same.

      Maybe I’m just in crazy mode. The only songs I think are bleh are ALL the singles, Sora e and Artemis. I like the rest… maybe I just needed a Euro-beat fix?

  3. Die says:

    i don’t know if the singles were from kmc but the singles when i got them were 320k and the album is 320k too.

    hahaha all the singles being bleh xD i like Orion, and actually Infinity wasn’t all that bad. I loved Artemis with all the strings and classical music, it was different but amazing. it’s the others that could use some work, besides the two or three i like

    • Ashen Twilight says:

      hmmm… maybe I didn’t clarify enough. Even if you do go to the porperties of the songs and it says 320K, or if you go to info and it says 320K, it’s not true 320K. Besides, songs are supposed to have 44.1 kHz, not 48 kHz. What does the rip you have say? (sorry for sounding like an argumentive bitch XD)

      Oh ya. Have you listened to the Hikari no Senritsu single by Kalafina? It’s <3, but not progressive <3.

  4. Lex says:

    I agree so much. GND has go to be the least original J-pop act out there at the moment. They can AT LEAST change their sound but instead they keep recycling the same old crap over and over. Chisa still sounds like a dead, soulless drone too.

  5. Die says:

    well i just looked at my library and all of the GND stuff besides this last album were cd ripped, it’s 320k AND 44.1kHz. the album might not be a true cd rip but i honestly don’t think it’s going to change the quality that much to the point where i like it.

    i agree with you so much lex.

    • Ashen Twilight says:

      Yep, the version you downloaded was just a rencoded version. The actual rip has an Inifinity ~Ballad Version~! MWAH! SO LOVE!

  6. Chisa says:

    I just want to point out… that even though all their songs sound the same, the songs can stand out by themselves. They have the most fail album in the world, but if you chop their songs one by one, they’re still nice.

    And… as Ashen Twilight said, you forgot Infinity ~Ballad Version.~ That’s what you could call a change 😉 Yeah, it still changes a bit of a quality if you download the real rip. I disliked sa.ku.ra at first because it really dragged, but I heard additional beats and thingies with the real rip and I liked it more ^^ Winter Crystal also sounded better 🙂 Just sayin’

    Good day 😀

  7. Die says:

    yeah i’ll add that later and download the entire thing over, and the ballad version is nice, but overall the album still sounds the same

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