Happy 2nd Anniversary

I just realized that this site is over 2 years old! That being said, Happy 2nd Anniversary GoldHikari!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about it. So I’m a few days late but the site was officially started on January 14, 2008! And this year on that day I posted why I wasn’t able to review anything xD But that’s fine, this year is going pretty good so far and the site is doing well. It’s recovering a lot faster than I thought it would and there are more viewers/readers everyday. Can’t say much about Blog Stats since I did a post with some a few days ago, so I’ll just wait for February. Anyway thanks to everyone who reads all of my many reviews, hopefully they’re decent….if not please feel free to comment on any changes that should be made, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

And on another note. I’m partially done with my 2nd review of 2009 finally entitled BEST ~Countdown~ Album Ver. Basically it contains the Best 10 Album Only Tracks, the Best 10 Albums, the Best 10 Compilation Albums, and then just some more random stuff such as Best Covers/Duets/Etc. Yeah so that should be done by Wednesday maybe???? If not than probably Friday since Thursday after school I have class for 4 hours.

One Response to “Happy 2nd Anniversary”
  1. Jinhwa says:

    Happy anniversary! Wish you have a good year and j-pop have a good year too!

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