Sign was FLOW’s 18th single. It was released on January 13, 2010 and reached no. 3 on the Oricon Daily Charts. The title track was used as the 6th opening theme song for the popular anime Naruto Shippuden. It was released in a regular and limited edition CD version.

Sign - FLOW

1. Sign
2. Nowhere ~Kimi ni Okuru Orera Nari no Ouenka~
3. FLOW × NARUTO -Time machine Special Mix-
4. Sign -NARUTO Opening Mix-
5. Sign -Instrumental-

*Note: This is a review of the Limited Edition version.

It’s quite amazing what you can find in forums xD I do like FLOW so decide to give this single a shot, but I never would have guessed that it’d turn out to be this good. Sign isn’t like anything they’ve released before, or anything that I’ve heard (I’ve only heard a few singles xD). This song is a typical rock band song, lots of guitar, bass, and percussion naturally. I love the arrangement, very FLOW sounding, as it should since they did the arrangement. As far as sound goes, it’s as catchy as their other anime works, and when I say that I mean that it’s catchy like all their other songs used in various animes namely Code Geass and Naruto. The melody is topnotch and overall it’s infectious. The Naruto Opening Mix was just as it appears in the Opening credits of the show.

While the first track was pretty rock driven Nowhere ~Kimi ni Okuru Orera Nari no Ouenka~ is more laid back and softer. It’s not nearly as exciting as the previous track, but it was interesting with the piano, it actually sounded somewhat like ragtime.

And finally we have -Time machine Special Mix-. It’s just a huge remix that features all of the songs that the band has used as Naruto theme songs. It includes GO!!!, Re:member, and finally Sign. It’s ok, nothing special.


I have a feeling this is going to be another successful single from FLOW. The song is definitely a very strong song, very solid. And the English never hurts. Again I wish I could better describe the song better but it’s really hard to do xD. It’s a typical catchy rock song, not as heavy on the instrumentals, and really great vocals. The B-Side was a great complement to the title track, something nice and light to balance out single. And if you liked all three songs you’ll probably like the huge special mix. I might have to go back to reviewing FLOW after this.



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