GLORIA was YUI’s 16th single. It was released on January 20, 2010.


2. Muffler
3. It’s all too much ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. GLORIA ~Instrumental~

The title track has actually been out for well over a month, I honestly didn’t care enough to listen to it. It’s not that I don’t like YUI anymore, it’s just seems that she’s been releasing a plethora of lackluster singles. That being said while I review this single, it’s the first time I’ve heard any of the songs.

YUI hasn’t been releasing the most up-beat songs as we all know, or smiling that much either, but that’s different when it comes to GLORIA. The song is still acoustic driven, and still very YUI but her vocals seem a bit higher pitched, and it’s a wonderful change. During the chorus it also sounds a little more epic than usual, still rock driven as well. I can’t explain it but there’s something that makes this song so different from the stuff she’s released in the past, it’s almost like there’s a new YUI.

And then you have Muffler. The best way to describe it is a mid-tempo acoustic song. It doesn’t get all that exciting, but it still sounds nice. As for the infamous YUI Acoustic Version of It’s all too much, it certainly sounded nice. But let’s face it, the original will always be better.


For some reason I really LOVE GLORIA! There’s just something about it that makes it different from all her past works. Perhaps it’s a little catchier than all of her previous works? Or maybe it’s just really that amazing? Either way I’d have to say that this single is one of her best to date, it rivals My Generation / Understand and Rolling star, so you know it’s pretty damn good. The other tracks are mediocre but that shouldn’t surprise anyone, I mean the acoustics versions are rarely ever as good as the original. This is probably her last single before her newest album. An impressive end to hopefully her greatest album.



3 Responses to “GLORIA”
  1. hyperballad says:

    yui’s works are just getting better and better!~

    and she looks really pretty on the cover ❤

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  1. […] single, the energy was great, and it was catchy, not to mention very up-tempo. And yeah, I loved GLORIA too; I loved it mostly due to the wonderful string instruments present, and because it was catchy, […]

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