I realize that I’ve been a little lacking in the update department =( To some degree this is my fault, and then there are some other things. First off, there hasn’t really been anything new, like I said January 20 is going to be a crazy day, lots of singles/albums getting released. GND’s NEXT FUTURE just leaked and so far it’s a huge improvement from their last album. Expect that by the weekend.

And lastly FIOS! If anyone lives in the USA there’s a good chance you’ve heard of FIOS. I’ve had FIOS for about 4 months or so, and when it was installed Verizon cut one of the power cords. So two days ago we finally found out that did something wrong when we had a power surge, that killed our fridge, which wasn’t so bad it just sucked since that was the only water filter we had =( Yeah and when the power surged we also lost FIOS which meant no internet, TV, or phone (landline). So I got it fixed today and I missed it so much. And then school has just been really hectic in general, teachers just love to schedule tests on the same days xD Oh and I’m also taking a Physics class at my community college to get some more credits before college, and that takes up lots of time on thursdays, about 5 hours to be exact when you include the time to get to an from, and then the actual class time. Reviews might be sparce but they’ll be there eventually, I hope you can understand. And I still plan to do the BEST ~Countdown~ -Album Edit- by the weekend as well. And the blog has over 125k hits!

3 Responses to “Sowwy”
  1. hypy says:

    i am in AP physics now…its a bomb..

    i hate it, i dont know why I choose it over AP french….

    good luck with everything~

  2. Bryan says:

    AP Physics wasn’t that bad when I took it. I remember being good at it, actually. AP Chemistry though, I got out of that mess. Is new GND disc that much of an improvement? They got boring a while ago IMO.

    Also YAY! for that many hits!

  3. Die says:

    physics depends on your teacher, the one at my school had kids doing a shitload of work, so luckily for me my schedule wouldn’t allow me to take it =) so i took it at community college and got 4 credits. and as for ap chem, bleh. It’s not fun at all. All the work and crap we have to do, and our teacher is teaching after the ap exam, all of us are like wtf???? chem is gonna be a hard test. as for gnd, i still haven’t heard it all. you can tell it’s from gnd, but the they’re doing more mid-tempo ballads and trying to use different sounds. it’s better than the 1st album.

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