House☆Disney was a cover album. It was released on January 29, 2009. It features various covers of classic Disney music.

House☆Disney - Various Artists

1. When You Wish Upon a Star (Pinocchio) – MEG × Q;indivi
2. Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) – World Sketch
3. Part of Your World (HOUSE NATION Remix Edit) (The Little Mermaid) – Q;indivi
4. The Enchanted Fairy Garden (Tokyo Disneyland Disney’s Fantillution!) – Fantastic Plastic Machine
5. Mickey Mouse March (The Mickey Mouse Club) – AYUSE KOZUE
6. A Whole New World (Aladdin) – Late Night Alumni
7. He’s A Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean) – 80kidz
8. Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) – THE LOWBROWS
9. Baby Mine (Dumbo) – Kaskade
10. Reflection (Mulan) – Eric Kupper
11. When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2) – A Hundred Birds feat. TeN
12. Main Street Electrical Parade (Disneyland) – Shinichi Osawa

Some of you are probably wondering why I’m ever reviewing this album. Others are probably want the BEST ~Countdown~ Albums Edit. Then others probably don’t care and think this site is shitty xD But I’ve decided to review this album since it will appear on the Countdown, possibly as one of the Best Albums, I haven’t made the list yet xD

So this album is pretty much a cover album of some of my favorite songs, YEAH I like Disney get over it, Disney is amazing, end of story. Although these songs have a sense of nostalgia with them, in addition to making me feel old since I actually remember when some of these songs came out. But overall I did think most were good. And for now The track-by-track system is going to be used because I’d like to detail the songs I like, the others I might just give a short review for them.

The first song was an instant classic When You Wish Upon a Star. And I’ve heard MEG, she doesn’t sound like something all that special now, but I do love Q;indivi. Yeah so it’s pretty electronic/dance/techno sounding. MEG sounds like she’s in control of this song, hogging the mic from Rin, the vocalist of Q;indivi. But despite all of that I do love the music, very magical and synth driven. English could have been better but it’s still a pretty damn good cover.

While the previous track was very dance and electronic this ballad is more of a piano driven song that utilizes various dance elements. The beats are great, the piano chords very lovely, and the synth was incredible. The vocals are perfect, I guess World Sketch is a duo? Either way the English was great and the vocals were in harmony, true to the original. I loved Beauty and the Beast when it came out so many years ago and I still do now.

The song that really turned me onto this album was Part of Your World. Although you’ll notice that this is the HOUSE NATION Remix Edit, the original is just as good though, a bit shorter but that’s about it. True to Q;inivi the music is very synth driven and dance oriented with lots of beats. The English was perfect, and overall it was just a really catchy song.

At this time I’m going to slightly break away from the review system. Time to mention the instrumentals, well mostly instruments, not many vocals. The first is The Enchanted Fairy Garden. I’ve heard the melody but it’s a bit foreign to me, it’s catchy but the vocals are annoying. Still a nice techno/dance instrumental. Not much to saw about He’s A Pirate. The only thing I can figure is that the artist who composed this worked with Ayu for some stuff. Now as for the Main Street Electrical Parade, it sounds just like Shinichi Osawa, very electronic sounding.

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! That’s what I always think of when I listen to Mickey Mouse March. There is a vocoder in this song so it does make the vocals a bit harder to understand, but that might be her English? It’s still really catchy which is why I adore this song. The electronic elements could have been toned down a bit but it’s still enjoyable.

Everything has pretty much sounded the same for a while, but A Whole New World breaks that pattern. The music isn’t as loud or as existent as the rest, it’s still there but the music is more calming and far more gentle. The beats sound soothing and the vocals, well dreamy in a word. Just another wonderful song. And actually although the artist is Late Night Alumni it turns out that it’s a side project of Kaskade, who’s done a few mixes for some Japanese artists, among American ones too. And I’m also going to say that the same person who does the vocals for this song provides the vocals for Baby Mine. This song features mainly the keyboard along with some ethereal synth music. It honestly almost brought tears to my eyes, something about the lyrics and me imagining Dumbo.

The one song I didn’t like at all was Under The Sea. The artist just killed this song. The electronic elements were shitty and the music was choppy. This is the one song I’d just skip.

Utilizing the keyboard and again some synth elements is Reflection. It has that house sound, not nearly as strong as some others. The vocals were perfect as far as the English was concerned. But this is the one cover that I thought was so-so. The original was just epic and powerful and profound. If the vocals showed a bit more emotional perhaps it would had been better.

Scratch that, I don’t care for the cover of When She Loved Me either. While it did use the strings it was quite bland and boring. Not many house elements, or dance beats for that matter, well until the end. Just bleh.


This album is without a doubt the BEST cover album of the year, sorry Bentley Jones =( but to be fair to you you had some original stuff, so you’re technically not a cover album more or less. The main reason why I love this album is because it’s a cover of Disney songs, and who doesn’t like Disney? That rhetorical, but people who don’t like Disney tend to be heartless people, if you’re not than please don’t be offended. And unlike the other cover albums this year, one was Mellow R&B another was similar to this, either way those covers were often choppy and not nearly as good or as fluid. Other than the instrumentals, which weren’t necessarily bad, and some bad covers this album is pretty damn good, a MUST LISTEN for Disney or dance fans.



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