It’s 2010 and it’s a brand new year!!! It’s also my graduation year, which makes it that much better, assuming I manage to get into my top college xD Anyways with a new year hopefully comes some better reviews, I’m trying to break away from the track-by-track review but it’s really hard. If I do track-by-track I’ll be more descriptive and it’s easier to read. But if I don’t do it then it’s usually a bit messier, but it’s also shorter and more to the point. I’m trying to make a compromise between the two, hopefully it’ll happen.

But since it’s new years let’s talk about resolutions. Mine are rather simple, and a bit shallow I guess, well maybe one. If I can pull off just one I’ll be quite happy.
1. Lose Weight – Might be nice to lose some before college and those horrible showers…yuck. And a nicer body wouldn’t hurt, although at this rate it’ll take some doctor visits or surgery to fully get a better body.
2. Learn To Drive – I’ve had my permit for 2 years now, and I think I should get over my fear and actually learn to drive. Time to bite the bullet.
3. Get Contacts – I’m really scared when it comes to anything that involves body parts, well some things xD Yeah but my glasses are getting annoying and some contacts might be nice, especially the colored kind. (^______^)
4. Get Better Self Esteem – I’ve been battling some inner demons for a few years now and hopefully that’ll change with this year. I should start looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, and start looking at myself with a more positive light, but some things will remain the same, and I honestly wonder if it’s even worth while to try….but I’ll get into that later….maybe.

Those are my resolutions, now how about yours? Hopefully this year I’ll actually complete one of those resolutions, and they won’t just be forgotten like last years. Happy New Years everyone, make it an unforgettable one!


And to make this post fit a category, the site has over 122k hits, I might have said more earlier, if I did oh well, but it’s doing pretty good =) And I plan to do some more reviews starting later today.

One Response to “HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!”
  1. Bryan says:

    We have the same goals lol

    Good luck 😉

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