back (^-^)

After my nice week long break I’m officially back. Too bad it was for a week and that the year is almost over, less than 12 hours now. I completely forgot to review some stuff so I’ll be rushing to do that, some of it will be completely unexpected I’m sure and I won’t be using a track by track review system, well for the one at least. And I had also planned to conclude the year with a mega review, but that won’t happen until next week I’m guessing. And I’m still debating as to how to do the review. Because my idea is actually somewhat similar to Lex’s review, but not as good xD It’ll either be a really big review or just two reviews, one for the singles and for the albums.

AND GO VISIT Nylihs Eyes! (^-^) Seriously the contacts are amazing and just plain cool =)

And I still don’t get anything, well I might later, but that’s if I ever decided to get contacts xD But it’s just a really great site so if you want contacts, especially colored/crazy ones, that’s the site for you.

Oh and the site got over 5k hits this month, last time it got that many hits was in July.


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