Twas The Night Before…

BREAK! Due to the Winter Break I’m going to be gone. And naturally I’m not sure as to whether or not I’ll have access to a computer. So as a result there won’t be many reviews. I’m debating whether or not to begin reviewing Meisa Kuroki, so far she only has 1 album, 1 mini-album, and 1 single, so I’d being reviewing those if I decide to.

And I’m still waiting for the current Empress of J-Pop, notice that current? I think she’s about to be dethroned. But yeah her single has yet to leak, which makes me wonder what the world has come to. I mean seriously? I remembered when BoA’s album leaked over a month in advance and now it only leaks about a day in advance, perhaps it has something to do with the lack of physical sales, which have been dismal lately.

But I plan to continue with Miliyah’s Ring Era until I finally review the album. And if I’m not too busy I plan to write a BEST Countdown Review, but I’ll probably change the title etc, and make it a bit more interesting. It’ll basically include the best and worst of 2009 in the world of J-Pop, or what I’ve reviewed.

Merry Christmas Everyone, or for those of you that don’t celebrate it Happy Holidays!


One Response to “Twas The Night Before…”
  1. blackmager says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Stereo Love, situated in Oahu!

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