Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou

Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou was Miho Fukuhara’s 7th single. It was released on December 2, 2009 and charted at 27 on the Oricon Daily Charts. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Shizuma nu Taiyou.

Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou - Miho Fukuhara

1. Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou
2. Cry No More
3. HAPPY XMAS (War Is Over)
4. Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou (NANDE ANOTHER MIX)

Despite such a sad title this song in reality is quite up-beat. I mean the opening was pretty loud, yet catchy as well. Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou which translates to something along the lines of “I wonder why they like crying.” One of the most unique things about this song, besides being up-beat is the fact that this song doesn’t sound like a rock song. Instead it sounds more like a dance/jazz ensemble with lots of brass and naturally some percussion. It’s completely devoid of her rock sound and I have to say that I like the change. Her deep vocals overwhelm the chorus, but not in a bad way. She takes control and the fast moving music obeys. It’s a pretty catchy song too, her best dance oriented song to date. And as for the NANDE ANOTHER MIX, I have to say that it’s pretty good. It tones down some of the jazz elements and adds some club friendlier elements like some techno beats and synth music. It’s surprisingly catchy like the original.

Nande nakitaku nacchaun darou
This is koi!
This is ai! Suki da yo

And now we come to the B-Side Cry No More. The original description pretty much said that this song will make you cry, and it does. There are no real instrumentals till after a minute, and even then they don’t get stronger till about the two minute mark. And even then the music sounds very solemn and at times depressing with the cello and piano chords. Her vocals sound great, and I loved that she decided to sing in English, it suites her voice. This is one of those tearjerkers so be prepared.

Like most of her singles she also has a cover. This time it’s a cover of John Lennon’s HAPPY XMAS (War Is Over). I think originally it was a cover with his wife Yoko Ono, but this version features Miho instead. It goes back and forth between the two and they sound amazing together. And I love all the Christmas music, it sounds so festive! And It’s Christmas! NOT “Happy Holidays,” it even says it in the song! I’m not being intolerant or anything but that is a pet peeve for me, when it’s the 25th it’s Christmas get over it, oh and I celebrate the commercialized X-Mas, not the religious one, so I’m not discriminating against any religion, and if you celebrate anything else than I hope you’re not offended.

Final Thoughts: This is without a doubt one of the greatest winter singles! I’m no even sure if you’d consider this a winter single, but at the rate of these releases then yet it’s the best. The title track is up-beat and vibrant rather than epic and dramatic, in other words ballads are last year in the grand scheme of things. And here B-Side would have qualified for one of the greatest ballads despite it being in English. And the cover was amazing, go Miho!



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