It’s all too much / Never say die

It’s all too much / Never say die was YUI’s 15th single. It was released on October 7, 2009 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 75,047 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 106,512+ copies.

It's all too much / Never say die - YUI

1. It’s all too much
2. Never say die
3. again ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. It’s all too much ~Instrumental~

I’ve missed YUI and her rock music for quite some time now, even though again was released I still yearn for more. Luckily for me and many other fans she’s released another double A-Side. The first A-Side is entitled It’s all too much. Like all of her songs it’s a rock song, that’s really no surprise at this point. As far as the overall tone of this song, I think there’s somewhat of a little dark sound to it, well at some points. When it’s the guitar and piano there’s a very blissful atmosphere, but when the chorus comes it’s a bit darker, not enough to make it ominous or dreary though. I love the instrumentals, the rock sound still sounds impressive.

The second track is Never say die. And I honestly thought that this song would be a bit darker, but it moves pretty fast, and at times it sound up-beat. It’s vibrant and full of life compared to the previous track, which is why I like it so much. And furthermore, it stands out on its own. The rock music this time songs pretty happy too, I can actually imagine playing this song in Rock Band. Too bad it’s too shot.

And now for another acoustic cover, this cover is again. The original was dark to say the least, dark but at the same time good. It’s still as fast as before, but the song has lost some of it’s power by being acoustics rather than rock. It’s still a nice song, but it’s been watered down a bit too much for my liking.

Final Thoughts: Sadly lackluster is one of the first words that comes to mind when I think of this single. Now I’m not saying that it’s a bad single, but after so many rock songs the originality wears off for some tracks, as it did with the first title track. I still like the single, but it doesn’t blow me away like again or even Rolling Star. The second title track was the best, and it’s because it was different. It stood out as a faster, more up-beat, and just a better sounding song. Not her finest work but it’s also not her worst, perhaps she needs another break.



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