Mamoritai ~White Wishes~

Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ was BoA’s 30th single. It was released on December 9, 2009 and reached no. 3 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 25,413 copies sold. It was released in three versions: a CD+DVD version, a CD version, and a Tales of Graces Edition.

Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ - BoA

1. Mamoritai ~White Wishes~
2. THE END Soshite and…
4. Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ (Instrumental)
5. THE END Soshite and… (Instrumental)

BoA!!!! Looks like you can pull off short hair/boyish looks, Hikki’s got nothing on you xD

Now normally the swarm of winter singles/ballads gets annoying pretty quickly. But this year has gone pretty well so far. I mean Kana did pretty well, a perfect blend of ballad and not. And now BoA’s officially back with one of her best singles in….well years actually, don’t get me wrong her triple A-Side was nice, but this is better, and I won’t even mention that last single *shivers*. Yeah so Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ isn’t like most winter ballads to say the least. And it’s not completely a ballad either. Instead it relies heavily on synth elements and various modern instruments rather than pianos etc, but it still does feature some beautiful sections from the strings.  The music sounds winter enough with all the different instruments, even with the drums, and even the acoustic guitar. And the melody overall is rather spectacular. And  I just loved the chorus! BoA’s vocals haven’t sounded this good probably since early 09, before her American debut.

Not nearly as winter friendly is THE END Soshite and… So this song is pretty much just a mellow R&B song, that’s the only way I could describe it. It’s not all that exciting, and it doesn’t change too much when it comes to the overall sound. There are some nice beats, and the piano chords sound pretty nice, and there’s even some guitar riffs. But other than that this is pretty boring.

As for the remix, not sure how it sounds. I haven’t found it yet. But when I do i’ll give you my opinion

Final Thoughts: This single is so amazing that I’ve already forgotten about that horrible mishap called a single. So far this year’s swarm of winter singles has actually been good, well the ones I’ve reviewed anyway. And BoA’s single it on top as of now. I love the title track because it’s not your average winter ballad, it’s hardly even a ballad at this point, it’s more like a fusion of  traditional and modern day ballads that don’t just feature classical elements. And having a memorable title track never hurts a single. B-Side could have been a bit better, but then again her B-Sides haven’t been all that great. The GREATEST winter single of 09 yet.



10 Responses to “Mamoritai ~White Wishes~”
  1. Solarblade says:

    at least ur not reviewing the full single release XD

  2. Die says:

    well i’m about to do the tales of grace version xD

  3. Solarblade says:

    oh then good luck i think LMFAO

  4. Die says:

    it’s not too bad, it’ll take 5 minutes max

  5. hyperballad says:

    love this song, i feel BoA is moving into a different music style..judging from her Eien, Bump Bump, and this single

    but i totally love it!!!

    and it is soo good that ur back!~ all these wonderfully written reviews *sniff*

  6. Hikaru says:

    where did you get the final picture of BoA on this review?

  7. Die says:

    found it on

  8. Hikaru says:

    o-ohh thanks XD

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