∞1 was Do As Infinity’s 21st single. It was released on June 17, 2009 and peaked no. 10 on the Oricon Daily Charts. This is the band’s first single in nearly 4 years since the band disbanded, this is also the first single not to include Dai Nagao.

∞1 - Do As Infinity

1. Umareyuku Monotachi e
2. Meramera
3. Timeless
4. Let’s get together at a-nation

After so many years DAI is finally back, well sorta. Why Dai Nagao is with ARIA is beyond me but on the bright side they’ve released a new single. The lead track is Umareyuku Monotachi e. It’s a typical rock ballad by DAI but they’ve made it better. Now it’s nowhere near as amazing as Rakuen, but at the same time it’s a damn good rock song. It’s epic in it’s music, which at times seems a bit too powerful and a bit stoic at times, but overall it’s incredible. Van’s vocals are incredible as always and it’s nice to hear them in a DAI song. I like this song, but it does seem a bit depressing at times.

Getting back to some good ol’ DAI is Meramera. It’s basically another rock song to say the least. It’s not the greatest track in the world, but I do like the strings and the guitar riffs. And oddly enough the hook is pretty good and the chorus to some degress is catchy. Timeless is almost the same thing. It’s a bit more upbeat but it sounds the same. Now the music is different, don’t get me wrong, but it all sounds the same, which is why I generally don’t listen to rock music, it tends to be repetitive.

Breaking away form anything normal is Let’s get together at a-nation. It still has that rock sound that makes it DAI but at the same time it has an electronic sound, in part due to Van’s heavily distorted vocals, thanks to a vocoder. But honestly I like it, it’s hard to understand at times, but I love the way it sounds. And because it’s so different it stands out.

Final Thoughts: After a nice long break I do believe that DAI is back! Could the song have been better and a bit catchier? Yeah it could have. But it’s nice to have the band, or 2/3 of the band, back together. And the music is pretty good, some more variety but what can you do. Umareyuku Monotachi e is your stoic yet dramatic rock ballad while the next two tracks are rock songs, true to DAI, and then the final track is just so funky and weird that I LOVE IT!!!! It’s official that they’re back, but I’m honestly not all that sure if this is a good thing yet, I’ll make up my mind when I listen to ETERNAL FLAME.



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