was Perfume’s 3d album. It was released on July 8, 2009 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with  210,576 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 306,645+ copies.

⊿ - Perfume

1. Take off
2. love the world
3. Dream Fighter
4. edge (⊿-mix)
6. Kiss and Music
7. Zero Gravity
8. I still love U
9. The best thing
10. Speed of Sound
11. One Room Disco
12. Negai (Album-mix)

nullSo kicking off their flight theme is the odd yet dreamy Take off. The beginning is pretty nice, space music and far out beats, but then after that it starts to go all roboty with some strange beats. There’s also a countdown too, meh.

Ok now to the already released songs: love the world, Dream Fighter and a new version of edge. love the world is pretty much their “I’m a cute idol, but I’m still doing electro-pop!” Dream Fighter is their “We can use vocoders and we’re electro/techno again!” as for edge (⊿-mix)…. “this is for all you hardcore techno fans that love really long songs!”

Ooh spacey music! NIGHT FLIGHT I believe was used in some chocolate candy CM. It fits in with their theme of flight/spacey feelings. It’s very techno with all the various beats and beep sounds, oh and electronic music too. Again the vocoder is present, but since when isn’t it? In it’s own fast paced way it’s rather catchy.

null….Just skip to the next song now. Kiss and Music isn’t worth your time in any way or form. They’ve gotten rid of their pop elements in this song, and in doing so they’ve made this song dull and horrific. It’s not catchy because it’s too slow, and all the beats and music is too choppy to enjoy, yeah just skip.

In space there’s Zero Gravity!!! Haven taken physics I can tell you that that’s not entirely true, but who I am to argue with them xD. Again this song is quite spacey and characterized by spacey/electronic music with some interesting beats. The music isn’t as choppy as the previous song and they do sound pretty cute. There’s not much of a climax unfortunately, that being said this song is still nice.


Without a doubt the BEST song on the album is I still love U. The music sounds a bit edgier with the beats, distortions, and all the electronic elements. Yeah but it’s an amazing song. There’s some variety when it comes to the music, it’s not one constant sound that sounds the same. There’s a nice climax which leads to an amazing chorus. And while it’s not all that fast it sounds adorable and it’s catchy! And yeah their vocals were amazing as well.

Continuing the trend of electronic songs is The best thing. It’s something that Perfume would do that’s for sure. Besides that it’s pretty generic, not too many things change and the hook isn’t the best, or the memorability. It’s mediocre at best. Speaking of mediocre we now come to Speed of Sound. With a title like that I was hoping that the song would be fast, energetic, and infectious. I was wrong on everything. It’s mid-tempo but does contain some electronic/techno sounds, and oddly enough some Caribbean drum beats. But it’s just boring to say the least.

nullEnding the album on a strong note are two great songs. Their last single prior to this album One Room Disco is officially one of my favorite songs by Perfume. The hook gets me every time, they sound so cute and adorable and I want to hug them all! Yeah but it sounds great, the melody was infectious and naturally the music was orgasmic, well if you love electro pop / techno, which I do. And then we have an album version of Negai. Originally I couldn’t stand it, it was too  depressing with the sad music, that was still electronic believe it or not. This version sounds a bit more refined with the music being more piano driven. It still sounds a bit depressing but it’s also more tolerable.

Final Thoughts: What to say about this album….(0.o) It certainly is an interesting album. For the most part this album was single/released song driven. I mean the best songs are still by far those released prior to the album as singles. And honestly only maybe two or three new songs stood out. I guess NIGHT FLIGHT was pretty memorable, obviously I still love U was by far the greatest song, and then Zero Gravity. As far as the sounds goes it was nice to have some fast paced, mid-tempo, and then some slow songs, but I think some happier, faster, and just plain catchier songs would have made the album better. And maybe if there was a little more variety in the music it would have been better. Overall the album was enjoyable, and Perfume is still the greatest electro-pop group!




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