Let it Go

Let it Go was Yuna Ito’s 14th single. It was released on November 11, 2009 and reached no. 36 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. In all this single has sold over 2,858+ singles.

Let it Go - Yuna Ito

1. Let it Go
2. Happy Days
3. Let it Go (Instrumental)
4. Happy Days (Instrumental)

I’m was pretty much in love with her previous album DREAM, and the same goes for Let it Go. So it turns out that this song was composed by Tabo Koichi, the former guitarist from Superfly. And that being so, this song has that Superfly sound, more or less. The guitar is the prominent instrument, and it honestly makes the song sound almost country like. But besides that there are so great percussion along with some synth I believe, and maybe some strings. The melody is different from her usual stuff but I guess that’s due to the composer. The music is pretty much the same with some slight variation during the chorus. And as usual the chorus is incredible, not too obnoxious and catchy. The song just has that feel-good atmosphere that makes it one of her greatest hits.

And how to describe Happy Days….. It’s hit and miss to put it nicely. It’s another guitar track, acoustic this time though, and it’s softer with the instrumentals. The piano, orchestra, and synth were a great combination, the music wasn’t bad. But I think overall the song is mediocre. Yuna’s vocals were a little too happy and cheery. Oh and the chorus was obnoxious, just way too annoying.

Final Thoughts: Since she couldn’t really improve from her last single, this single is an amazing followup. The title track is an astounding fusion of pop & rock that’ll brighten the day of just about anymore with its carefree music. The B-Side had some great music, but the song was just crap. Overall both songs had some great music but one had better lyrics and just a better chorus, it’s as clear as that. Oh yeah and Yuna looks Fierce on the cover! A great way to kick off her new Era.


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  1. Love its.. Peace from sydney

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