YOU was MiChi’s 4th single. It was released on September 9, 2009 and reached no. 20 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 3,346 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 4,219+ copies. This was a limited edition single that was limited to 10,00 copies. One of the copies contained a special hand written note with a number to call to win a personal live performance from MiChi, entitled a “Live To You.”

YOU - MiChi

1. YOU
2. YOY
3. YOU (Version 3.1)
4. YOU (Instrumental)

So before MiChi released her debut Japanese album she decided to release one final single, which is how we got YOU. And it turns out that it’s actually a remarkable ballad. It takes a while before it gets good but when it does be prepared. The music is a fusion of pristine piano chords, an array of strings, soft beats, and even some percussion, making for a unique yet powerful instrumental. Her vocals are crisp and powerful as well. As for YOY (what’s with the title?) it’s something you’d hear back during her Japanese debut. The synth beats are in contrast to her previous song, especially with the indie/rock/hip-hop arrangement (that’s the best way to describe it). I’m not too happy with it, a little too abstract.

As for the Version 3.1 of YOU, it’s enjoyable. Besides the long instrumental at first, comprising of the erhu and then some wild synth/piano chords, and the melodic beats it’s a fairly decent remix. MiChi doesn’t sing until the halfway point, but when she does her vocals are slightly distorted. The interrupted strings are somewhat annoying, but overall I do like it. Might take a few tries before you can tolerate it.

Final Thoughts: For her last single, and a LE one at that, I can say that I’m pleased by MiChi. Up until this point she hadn’t done a ballad, well a Japanese one. But now she gets to display some of her vocal talents with some stronger vocals. I loved the fact that she did try something different and got out of her comfort zone a little. Too bad YOY was a throwback to her earlier works *cough* HEy GirL *cough*. Overall quite a lovely single, even the cover.


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