Nylihs Eyes

I’m pretty sure a few of you have wondered about the current banner. Well Nylihs Eyes is the title of the site run by my friend. NylihsEyes.com is a site where my friend sells some pretty cool contact lenses. And since I like them, I thought I’d share them with all of you (^-^) !!! Yeah but I don’t get any free pairs or anything so it doesn’t help me whether or not you buy them. But if anyone wheres contacts and would like to get some of the really cool colored contacts then head on over. Some of the contacts even have designs eg. cat eyes, Naruto eyes etc, I think it’s pretty cool, but that’s me xD. So just take a look if you’d like some contacts, I think they come in prescriptions too, and then some don’t so it’s good for everyone.

And here’s a button, I didn’t feel all that creative when doing this, so it looks simple.

Eylihs Eyes

One Response to “Nylihs Eyes”
  1. Oh cool. I was thinking of getting bright blue contacts and silver/grey contacts!

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