KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru…

KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru… was Ami Suzuki’s 32nd single. It was released on October 28, 2009 and reached no. 28 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and in all has sold over 2,448+ copies.

KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru... - Ami Suzuki

2. aishiteru…
3. KISS KISS KISS (Extended Japanese Version)
4. KISS KISS KISS (Extended English Version)
5. aishiteru… (extended)

Ami’s finally back!!! Although she’s now ditched Yasutaka Nakata she still retains that electronic sound with her new producer Tanaka Tomoyuki from Fantastic Plastic Machine (not sure how long this one will last *cough* ☆Taku *cough*). And she looks pretty sexy on the cover, almost Kuu like in her short dress-thingy, but she doesn’t look slutty xD.

nullI’m sure some fans of Ami will remember that a version of KISS KISS KISS was featured on HOUSE NATION’s Aquamarine. Turns out that was the Extended English Version, which was lengthened and in English (who would have guess???) and an slightly more aggressive intro. As for the original version, well it’s actually pretty nice. Soft, stylish synth riffs/beats accompanied with some acoustics, and naturally dance music. Literally within the first minute it feels like you’ve entered a dance paradise, the music is soft enough to lull you to sleep, it’s that peaceful and relaxing, and it’s also got enough great beats to keep the song interesting. And while the majority of the lyrics are in English that doesn’t bother me, sure they could have been a little less repetitive, but it’s catchy. Yeah so the chorus is just amazing, infectious melody and the hook isn’t all that bad either. Like I said, it’s the English and the music that make it. And the Extended Japanese Version is just like the original, but with a longer intro/outro that’s edgier and more aggressive with the synth riffs.

An now we get to aishiteru… which actually contradicts the other title track. Rather than softer eloquent synth riffs, this song utilizes fiercer, heavier synth riffs that do sound a bit choppy at times. Despite that what the choppy music kills the more than infectious chorus more than makes up for it. The melody and rhythm are just that addicting. This time there are some slight distortions when it comes to her vocals but it’s not nearly as prominent as in her previous single. And the extended version is just an extra minute with more synth riffs.

Final Thoughts: Let’s face it, Ami fell from grace after Reincarnation. But with this single she’s risen again, like she did when she transferred back to avex. I COMPLETELY ADORE AMI AND THIS SINGLE!!! Like I said, it’s just that good, even orgasmic xD Her English could have been better, but I’ve heard a lot worse. Again I like that she’s continued onto this electronic/dance path, she’s well suited for it. Can’t wait to see what she will come out wit next. And like I said before AMI = sexy,  nuff said.




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