CANDY GIRL was Mika Nakashima’s 29th single. It was released on September 30, 2009 and reached no. 4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 19,052 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 25,036+ copies.

CANDY GIRL - Mika Nakashima

3. CANDY GIRL (Instrumental)
4. SMILEY (Instrumental)

After Overload I was excited to hear her brand new single. But upon listening to it, I almost cried. To put it nicely, it’s crap. The theme of CANDY GIRL is reflected by the cover, all 4 of them in fact. When you listen to the song it feels like you’re back in some old circus that’s very laid back. At the same time though the heavily jazzy and rock music makes you feel like you’re in New Orleans almost. And in this case it’s not good. The music is too slow for my taste and the song never gets exciting. The melody is way too repetitive and not fast enough, or catchy. It’s perhaps a little too mature for Mika.The only good thing about this song is her vocals, which are still strong. And the background vocals killed it too.

So basically SMILEY is a continuation of CANDY GIRL. There are still strong jazz elements present, but the music overall is softer and not nearly as obnoxious. The melody oddly enough is superior too.  It still lacks variety but overall it’s not as bad as the title track. The laughing vocals in the background were a bit annoying though. Mika’s vocals overall were better too, especially when she hit the high notes. I’m not all that crazy about it but it’s better than CANDY GIRL.

Final Thoughts: ….fail. Yeah Mika has hit rock bottom with this single in my opinion. I’ve liked the majority of her new singles, but I can’t like this single. It’s almost like a throwback to her original music roots, which wouldn’t be bad but this time it’s gone awry. The title track is far too obnoxious for my liking, but the B-Side does give me some hope. The one thing going for this single is the covers. They’re actually decent, a little abstract perhaps, but just great as far as the design and theme goes. Not her best work by far.



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