Orion was GIRL NEXT DOOR’s 7th single. It was released on November 25, 2009 and reached no. 9 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 16,338 copies sold. The title track was used as theme song for the dram Untouchable.


1. Orion
2. Toki no Shizuku
3. Drive away (GOGO’s Remix)
4. Orion (Instrumental)

After so many singles that sound the same it’s nice to hear something different. Orion is the bands attempt at a ballad, and it’s a successful one. Besides the usual keyboard, which sounds lovely this time, and the guitar, there’s an orchestra of strings, which gives it that ballad feeling. And to some extent the music sounds almost mid-tempo rather than just plain breakneck. It’s a magical fusion of ballad and eurobeat, perfect for the winter.

Then there’s Toki no Shizuku lit. Drops of Time. It’s actually another ballad that’s a slot slower, and actually sounds more like a ballad. However the title track is still a stronger track by far. I did like that the music was much softer though, not as many annoying guitar riffs. And as usual Chisa displayed some great vocals.

The remix of Drive away… FAIL. I don’t think I was a big fan of the original version, and the same goes for this remix. They’ve just made is more dance/electronic friendly, which destroying the song. It’s BLEH at best.

Final Thoughts:YOU FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT! After so many singles GND has finally come up with one that’s truly unique. And ballads are perfect for winter, too bad so many artists do the same thing. I don’t think it’s the best ballad yet, but it’s pretty high up there, and as a whole this single is quite amazing. Two ballads, one true to their pop nature, the other a more true to the name ballad, both sound incredible though. And yeah the remix sucked, tell me something I didn’t know.



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  1. […] GND started out by releasing Seeds of dream, Infinity, Be your wings, FRIENDSHIP, and finally Orion. Honestly all of them sounded the same. All were very eurobeat sounding, nice to dance to for a […]

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