LOVE one.

LOVE one. was Kana Nishino’s debut album. It was released on June 24, 2009 and reached no. 4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 34,218 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 135,215+ copies.

LOVE one. - Kana Nishino

1. *Prologue* ~Kirari~
2. Tookutemo feat. WISE
3. doll
4. Girlfriend
5. Kimi no Koe wo feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
6. Style.
7. Life goes on…
8. I
9. candy
11. glowly days
12. celtic
13. Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara
14. *Epilogue* ~LOVE one.~

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Kirari when it first came out, it was just a little too boring for me, but I do like *Prologue* ~Kirari~. It’s a light pop tune with some great instrumentals, that now seem reminiscent of Christmas xD. And oddly enough it sounds great with Tookutemo afterwords. The smooth synth undertones and R&B music, along with the piano, is quite complementary. And Kana displays some great vocals, as well as distorted vocals.

Moving onto the new stuff on this album, the first new track is doll. It’s one of her more bizarre tracks by far, but only because she’s never had a track like it. It’s a mixture of mid-tempo beats, synth riffs, and a dark tone. But the chorus is quite happy, or at least faster and more dance driven. And like doll, Girlfriend utilizes a lot of synth. It’s a bit more aggressive, but it works for Kana. Oddly enough it’s quite catchy, I don’t think it’s all that memorable, but it certainly is catchy. The dance/rock/synth-pop music is very enjoyable as well. Could use some work but it’s nice.

nullThe lead track on this album is by far the brand new Kimi no Koe wo which features VERBAL, in this case he’s actually good. It’s reminiscent of Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara to some extent, but it has it’s own idenity. The R&B beats and synth music make me classify it as an R&B ballad, especially because of the piano and the soft music, and because it’s mid-tempo. It did have some classical elements which made it stand out a bit more than her usual songs. The best thing about this song is that both the hook and melody are top notch, it’s not very forgettable. It’s one of her strongest tracks, and her best.

At this point, the album hits a low point, more or less. At first I thought Style. was great, but after all her new material it seems mediocre. The best part is still the distorted vocals by far. Her other tracks like Life goes on… is nice, but it’s lacking for a ballad, even with the synth and water droplets. I is what first got me into Kana, and because of that, and because it’s better than some of her releases, it’s actually enjoyable. Lots of synth, and some light R&B elements, if no pop. As for candy…. It sounds like an attempt at Hip-hop/R&B but it’s a fail xD. It sounds like crap, even with all the wonderful synth elements. If it wasn’t so slow, and the beats were better, this song would be somewhat tolerable.

And now Kana just has a string of singles, or songs that were on singles. MAKE UP is by far her most pop inspired song to date, and one of my favorites. Lots of great beats, music, melody etc. glowly days is more innocent and cute, again very pop/synth-pop. And then there’s celtic, which was the B-Side to glowly days. It’s a decent ballad, and her vocals are pretty good. But my favorite was without a doubt Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara. There’s a sense of melancholy with this song, yet it’s still infectious and memorable. The mid-tempo beats, piano chords, and again synth make it an amazing ballad, that and melody.

The final track is the epilogue entitled *Epilogue* ~LOVE one.~. It’s quite blissful, filled with the sound of wonderful strings, and Kana just speaking. Either way it’s pretty epic. It’s a pretty closer.

Final Thoughts: One word that comes to mind is: Stunning. Most of the artists I’ve listened to have had some crappy debut album, but Kana isn’t one of them. Instead this album is cohesive masterpiece that for the most part has one great sound. The arrangement for the majority of the tracks was fantastic. And the melodies were infectious for a select few. There were some strong tracks that stood out from others, and most of her singles were strong. Either way this album is pretty damn good. AND TONS OF SYNTH!!! That was probably why I loved it so much, lots and lots of synth (*o*)!!!


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