Alive / Physical thing

Alive / Physical thing was Koda Kumi’s 45th single. It was released on September 16, 2009 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 32,468 copies sold, pretty low sales xD. And in all this single has sold over 42,944+ copies. The title track Alive was used as the theme song for the movie Kamui the Ninja.

Alive / Physical thing - Koda Kumi

1. Alive
2. Physical thing
3. Alive (Instrumental)
4. Physical thing (Instrumental)
5. TRICK Live Version (From TRICK Tour 2009)
6. Joyful Live Version (From TRICK Tour 2009)

nullSo let’s face it, any Kuu fan will probably tell you that this is a nice single. And nice in this case would pretty much mean FLOP. Alive is a nice ballad, but it’s not up to par with her ballads like Yume no Uta, you, Stay with me etc. It’s extremely too short to be one of her epic ballads, and the music, which is just strings and some acoustics, while it might sound nice, is actually quite annoying at times. Now I love the flute as much as the next person, but it can stop for a second or two. And her vocals aren’t all that strong either. It’s just a boring ballad.On the other hand, Physical thing is a song that we’d all expect Kuu to release. It’s a pretty sexy dance track, thumping beats, semi dance-electronic music, and lots of distortions. Her vocals are pretty sexy too, lots more energy than Alive. And as usual it does feature a good amount of English, and she sounds pretty good too. It could have been longer though, but that’s the only problem I had with it.

As for the live versions, well they’re quite enjoyable. TRICK just features the same intro essentially, with an extra verse or two, still catchy, and I still want to hear the full version, or want a full version. The audience screaming was actually somewhat entertaining, as well as Kuu’s live vocals. I probably enjoyed it so much because of all the beats. Joyful was pretty good too. I can appreciate it more than when it was on her previous album.

Final Thoughts: Oh Kuu why must I have a love-hate relationship with you? I loved Physical thing, but loathed Alive. Again Alive just wasn’t all that great, it’s more of a filler than anything else while Physical thing is something that you’d expect from Kuu. Hopefully her next single will make up for this one, because it’s not the greatest thing. If you were listening to an album, this would be the crappy interlude you skip, that’s how bad it was. Maybe some die-hard fans will enjoy, but I didn’t. And the live versions were a great bonus, one of the reasons why it’s not completely failing, that and the covers, they’re so pretty (*.*) !!!



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