Did ya miss me? After a very long hiatus I’M BACK!!!! I just needed a nice break and after a few months of no reviewing I feel refreshed and ready to write. So reviews will be starting tomorrow. And I know I’m going to sound like I’m copying Lex, sorry, and others, but I’ve decided to go to a no structure format. It basically means that i’ll just do a paragraph or two, depending on how long, or what I feel like, I’m capricious like that. And I also tried to write an entry via livejournal, not the same to say the least xD. But expect some Kuu again, maybe some MiChi, Hikki of course, Ayu and her amazing singles, Namie proving that you can still top the charts at 30+, and BoA, who now reminds me of Hikki xD.

And some more info, i finally well over 150k hits!!! Oh and a friend of mine has some contacts that are amazing, just different colors, and some even have symbols, like the eyes of an Uchiha, I don’t feel like spelling it wrong xD. So i’ll post that link up later. Please just give it a chance, i’m sure you’ll like them, I know I do.

miss me?

5 Responses to “reBiRTH”
  1. hyperballad says:

    yay ur back~

    and it seems like no one is using the track by track reviewing system anymore

    i might go on hiatus..well ive been on hiatus forever lol

    i cant wait to see the contacts!

  2. Lex says:

    Welcome back! ^^

  3. solarblade says:

    LOL yay Die your back!

  4. Selryam says:


  5. BucE says:

    Welcome back :DD Can’t wait for your review on MiChi ❤

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