Koi Kogarete

Koi Kogarete was BENI’s 3rd single. It was released on June 10, 2009 and reached no. 70 on th Oricon Weekly Charts with 1,266 copies sold.

Koe Kogarete - BENI

1. Koi Kogarete
4. Koi Kogarete (Instrumental)

BENI never ceases to amaze me and Koi Kogarete doesn’t disappoint. It’s a semi-sultry sensational R&B song comprised of soft acoustics, sensual synth, and naturally some claps for the beats. While it’s not as catchy or attractive as Kiss Kiss Kiss it is better than Mou Nido to… It’s mid-tempo and extremely easy to listen to. The chorus is particularly catchy especially with BENI’s sultry vocals. At one point it sounds ordinary but just as that happens the melody captivates you, it’s an extremely catchy thing. And although the lyrics are about one sided love I still love this song.

As much as I love R&B I will always love electronic/synth songs. That’s probably why I love CRUISE the WORLD. It still has a little R&B flavor but it’s still mostly electronic and it even has a hint of dance. It sounds a little edgy with all the beats and distortions and some of the background vocals. As for BENI’s well they’re amazing as usual. Like many other dance oriented songs it’s infectious. I actually prefer this to the title track.

She’s gone from R&B to dance and now to pop with FOREVER 21. Whenever I think of FOREVER 21 I think of overpriced clothes for girls which might be why I really don’t care for this song. It’s got some soft beats and light pop music. The piano chords and synth sound great but that’s really it. It’s just way to pop for my taste.

Overall Review: Koe Kogarete was sweet R&B bliss. At this point nothing can ever top the infectiousness of Kiss Kiss Kiss but this single can come close. It’s got that wow factor that makes it so memorable and catchy. The title track is pretty good as far as R&B goes and BENI looks amazing yet again. The B-Sides were both good and bad in some respects. Guess it depends on what you like, dance or pop? Another fine single for BENI’s new era.

Final Grade


3 Responses to “Koi Kogarete”
  1. hyperballad says:

    she has fantastic and very western vocals, as well as wonderful singles…

    so..what’s up with the sales o_O why are they so low!!! urh

  2. Sporky says:

    LOL forever 21 is cheap clothes, like they’re suppose to be affordable.

  3. amaiyume says:

    I think this is her strongest BENI single and maybe her strongest yet (still debating if it’s better than Here Alone). I wish this single had much better sales but I’m glad she finally grabbed my attention!!

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