Beautiful was Mai Kuraki’s 32nd single. It was released on June 10, 2009 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Daily Charts. The title track was used in Kose Cosmeport’s Salon Style CM.

Beautiful - Mai Kuraki

1. Beautiful
2. wana
3. Beautiful (Instrumental)

I’m gonna come out and just say it, Beautiful is well in one word beautiful. It’s essentially a piano ballad accompanied by a symphony of stings, along with soft R&B beats. The mid-tempo verses somehow sound incredible with the beats and the background vocals and Mai’s own vocals. And the chorus, well it’s impressive. It truly is beautiful, even with the background vocals, most of which are in English. The music is far more elegant sounding and regal than the verses and Mai’s vocals are lovely. They just go so well with the music. The one downside however is that I don’t think this is her most memorable song. I’ll go into more details in the overall review section.

I love ballads but wana lit. Trap is true to Mai’s R&B roots. Despite its use of the strings and piano the hip-hop music and R&B beats distinguish it as a prominent R&B song. Overall it’s pretty mid-tempo and pretty modern, annoying background vocals and all. Honestly it could’ve been better, there’s nothing that pops out at me.

Overall Review: Beautiful was astounding, yet a letdown. Honestly I love ballads but this one is just lackluster. It does sound great but it’s not all that memorable. The melody just isn’t all that powerful, and the melody pretty much makes the song, along with the actual music which in this case was good. But the point is she needs a solid melody that sticks with you. And as for wana, well I love the R&B but that’s about it. It’s not all that memorable either. It needs some work and a better melody too perhaps. As a whole it sounds classical and amazing but it lacks that essential “wow” factor that it so desperately needs. It’s a step down from PUZZLE / Revive.

Final Grade


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