Gentle Beast Interlude

From the title I’m sure everyone who’s a loyal reader can infer that it’s time for another break. Yes I know I’ve been extremely lazy but after a year of posting like crazy and school and exams you’re pretty much dead, which is what happened to me. So I know that it’s a bad time to leave and go on a break since I just posted two days in a row. But I have some good news. I’m hoping to review a few singles and maybe Bonnie’s ONE before I leave, and from there it’ll be posted every few days, mostly two days in between posts.

As for the reason, well I’m going to Costa Rica, again! It’s my second time and I’m going to have so much fun, hopefully. I’m leaving tomorrow, it’s 9 days and I won’t get back until June 24. I still plan to do my annual mega-review of BEST COUNTDOWN G which will include singles and albums from January 1, 2009-June 30, 2009. Check back every once in a while, some reviews might surprise you, or not.


One Response to “Gentle Beast Interlude”
  1. hyperballad says:

    wa! costa rica!

    i missed ocean as well…

    well have a nice trip~

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