Kotoba ni Dekinakute / Shining Butterfly

Kotoba ni Dekinakute / Shining Butterfly was BRIGHT’s 4th single. It was released on May 20, 2009 and reached no. 64 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 1,381 copies sold.

Kotoba ni Dekinakute / Shining Butterfly - BRIGHT

1. Kotoba ni Dekinakute
2. Shining Butterfly
3. Natural Woman
4. Kotoba ni Dekinakute (Instrumental)
5. Shining Butterfly (Instrumental)
6. Natural Woman (Instrumental)

First off let me say that this ISN’T the song that got me into BRIGHT. That being said though I have to admit that it does sound good. Anyway this band is basically a vocal pop group, each one has a different noticeable voice. Kotoba ni Dekinakute is essentially a ballad with some pop flavor that livens it up. It’s pretty light in the sound department but it sounds great either way. Although it’s also not all that exciting. Just lots of pop sounds, underlying synth, and some laid-back beats.

The one song that I love from them though is Shining Butterfly. And I CANNOT stress how amazing this song is. Again there are a lot of synth riffs along with infectious dance music and some guitar riffs too. As far as vocals go, there’s lots of power and lots of distortions, which makes it a little more interesting. And what I loved the most was the good English, it made sense and sounded correct. Anyway onto how amazing it was. The dance music is pretty infectious along with the incredibly hot chorus. No doubt the melody and the music aided in making it unforgettable as well as the “shine shine like butterfly!”

The final track is a cover of The Queen of Soul’s (Aretha Franklin) Natural Woman. The original was pretty much an R&B song, and this cover sticks to the original. However I can honestly say that their English in this song isn’t all that great, they sorta kill the song. The chorus sounds great but that’s it. It’s just all that great.

Overall Review: Kotoba ni Dekinakute / Shining Butterfly was one amazing single, well half of it. Honestly the first title track isn’t all that impressive or stunning but it sounds nice, something restful and relaxing. As for the latter, it’s AMAZING. Lots of hot vocals, distorted too, synth and dance music. It’s one of the hottest tracks I’ve heard this year. And the cover was somewhat of a disaster but it could’ve been worse. Overall I’m pleased, but at the same time I do wish it was better.

Final Grade



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