New Artists!

First of all let me take the time to apologize to everyone for being uber lazy and inactive. Things have been getting more hectic as school’s getting ready to end and I’ve been dealing with that, it should end soon. Anyway the reviews have been coming in slow and not many at that. But I plan to get some in eventually, like tomorrow hopefully. Bonnie’s ONE along with C Kay’s Color Change will be coming soon, within a week. MiChi’s KiSS KiSS xxx will be coming up soon too, followed by some new artists!

The new artists are going to be the J-Pop girl group BRIGHT, who are basically a group of talented singers, each with a different pitch give or take. Tiana Xiao is another artist who’s very promising. I actually liked some of her debut stuff so i figured why not start with her newest single Kanashii Uso. And the last is JYONGRI! She’s a pretty good artist too, does pop and R&B, really good. Banners will come up soon, i’m just too lazy.

Oh and maybe some hitomi later!

And for blog stats sake, up to 90k finally!

2 Responses to “New Artists!”
  1. amaiyume says:

    Yay for JYONGRI and Tiana Xiao!!!
    I’m glad to see you’ll be reviewing them and hope you enjoy them 🙂

  2. josh012595 says:

    And you’ve been sucked in by the greatness of Tiana Xiao!! :))
    i’m really looking forward to your opinions about her. ^^
    i’m excited about BRIGHT too. 😀

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