Communication!!! was Leah Dizon’s second album. It was released on August 20, 2008 and reached no. 16 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold more than 13,533+ copies.

Communication!!! - Leah Dizon

1. Step into my world
2. Love Paradox
4. Without a good-bye
5. Vanilla
6. Nothin’ to Lose
7. Lost at Sea
8. Communication!!!
9. Not Too Bad
10. BxKxRxxx
11. Under The Same Sky
12. Thank you

It’s been a while since Leah released this album so I figured that I SHOULD review it now, better late than never. Anyway I had no idea what to expect when I first listened to this album, and the same goes for the opening track Step into my world. The first word that comes to mind is pop. But the music is more complex than just that. It involves a lot of fast piano chords, soft strings, the occasional synth, and some great beats; just a wonderful combination overall. I wasn’t all that impressed vocal wise, they sounded just fine to me, if there was some more strength during the chorus it would’ve been better. The chorus used a lot of English, similar to melody. or even Rie fu, but it worked in the end. It’s not the catchiest thing but it is memorable enough. Not exactly an explosive and blaring way to open up the album but it gets the job done.

By far better and edgier is the American R&B Love Paradox. It’s by far the most memorable single she’s released as well as the most American sounding. There’s a lot of amazing urban beats, heavy synth riffs, and even some bass. What I love most about this song though are the verses. Leah’s vocals are a little deeper and darker, and distorted to some degree but they sound incredible. The chorus however is still infectious and perfect.

It’s been a while since I last heard LOVE SWEET CANDY and I’ve honestly forgotten what I thought about it. What I do remember though is the fact that it’s a reggae inspired song that’s very lighthearted and petty up-beat. While there are some parts that are lacking, overall it’s enjoyable and catchy. The chorus is just so sweet and sounds so innocent!!! Absolutely adorable.

Sticking out like a sour thumb is the ambient Without a good-bye. What sets it apart from the rest of the songs are the acoustics as well as the guitar riffs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have to give Leah some credit from tackling a different genre, but this case it doesn’t work all that well. Sure it does sound great and perhaps even epic, but it falls short. I just wish that her vocals were a little stronger, they were outdone by the loud instrumentals.

Well one song I haven’t missed is the apathetic, uninteresting Vanilla. As far as pop songs go it’s very predictable as well as just plain annoying. At some points it sounds good, but nothing spectacular or awing. And that intro is still as annoying and cheesy as ever. The only interesting thing about this song is… well nothing really.

For a sec with the intro I thought was I listening to Love Paradox, but it turned out to be Nothin’ to Lose. It has that sinful edgy sound that makes it sound like a guilty pleasure. But all aside it’s like a continuation or sequel of Love Paradox except it’s in English, and sounds better. Edgy R&B beats and synth lines make this song stand out in the crowd. As far as lyrics go, well it’s mostly about gambling and love. It’s actually pretty catchy, and mainstream as well.

Now where she didn’t do so well with her previous rock song she more than makes up for with Lost at Sea. This lovely mid-tempo rock song incorporates underlying piano chords, epic guitar riffs, and naturally the percussion. Again like the previous song all of it is in English, making it slightly more enjoyable as well as the fact that she’s experimenting a little more. As far as vocals go they’re much better, more crisp. The lyrics are bittersweet, especially the “drowning in your love wasting away…” line. This song is just really epic and a far better attempt at rock.

By far the hottest title track I’ve heard in ages is Communication!!!. Again from the sounds Leah is venturing in the R&B genre. The looping synth and brass sounds HOT! It makes the song sound edgy and aggressive. The majority of the lyrics are in English, but the verses as mostly Japanese, still the chorus is infectious and insane. Lyrically it’s pretty much about “You wanna know what turns me on?” and “Genuine Communication!!!” It’s interesting that’s for sure. Overall it sounds great, an insanely hot title track.

We come to another R&B flavored song, this time it’s Not Too Bad. While it still incorporates synth, the music is still much lighter than most the R&B songs. It really reminds me of something like Mariah, except for the fact that this song goes nowhere. I have to admit that it sounds nice but after the first minute you’ve basically heard it all. It’s not that this song is bad, it’s just way to repetitive. However her vocals sounded really cute at times.

And now we have another rock song BxKxRxxx! It sounds pretty ordinary with all the guitar riffs and percussion, right? WRONG! The song slowly picks up from mid-tempo to just breakneck speedy during the chorus. Not to mention the fact that Leah is singing her little heart out, and she’s doing it really fast. Kinda blows your mind outa sight, outa mind.

Still a favorite of mine, and many of people, is the ethereal and calming Under The Same Sky. While it was the B-Side to Love Paradox it could’ve easily been the A-Side. This lovely synth ballad is comprised of a series of light beats and naturally synth, creating a gentle and heavenly combination. It’s got to be one of her greatest ballads that’s surprisingly catchy as well as memorable.

Ending the album on a cheerful and happy mood is Thank you. The signature instruments include the harp, synth riffs, light beats and claps. It’s a decent pop song that’s not too cheery or annoying. She’s basically thanking everyone important to her, cheesy but she can pull it off. Ends the album on a very up-beat note.

Overall Review: OMG Communication!!! was so much better than I thought it’s be. It’s a step up from her previous album for sure. She’s finally incorporating more genres such as rock and R&B, which I personally think she should stick with. She’s still doing pop but they’re improving. This album shows that she’s grown as an artist tackling some different genres and such, and writing/cowriting most of the songs. Vocally she’s gotten a little better, not much of a huge improvement. And unlike the songs on her previous album the majority are actually memorable. I wonder what her hiatus will bring us? Hopefully songs similar to this.

Final Grade


2 Responses to “Communication!!!”
  1. amaiyume says:

    Yay!! Communication!!! had some great songs on it (Love Paradox, LOVE SWEET CANDY, Vanilla, Nothin’ to Lose, Communication!!! and BxKxRxxx) but I thought some of them fell flat. The problem I had was that there was no song like Again and Again on this album so the ballads didn’t do it for me this time around but I’m glad she got some more aggressive stuff and that will continue in the future.

  2. hyperballad says:

    haha i first know her by her photoshoots then ppl say she start release albums, I thought it would suck really bad but it was actually pretty good!! And I’m impressed that she co-wrote many songs~ how amazing is that !

    and haha she got a baby girl~ a pretty mom now.

    very nice review~

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