Love Forever

Love Forever was Miliyah Kato × Shota’s 1st collaboration single together. It was released on May 13, 2009.

Love Forever - M

1. Love Forever
2. Looking your eyes
4. Love Forever INSTRUMENTAL

Why I decided to give Love Forever a shot is beyond me but I have to say that I’m so glad I did. I’ve never really heard Miliyah before but after hearing this she might be worth looking into. Her vocals were just stunning and sounded so refreshing, and surprisingly they went well with Shota’s vocals, the two were in perfect harmony; they could teach Kuu and misono a thing or two. As for the music well it’s what you’d expect from an R&B ballad. The piano naturally and of course some infectious percussion and the most important part, the synth. Everything just ran very smoothly, soft music that’s pleasing to the ears. The mid-tempo atmosphere was just perfect for the infectious chorus. It was genuinely infectious, especially the final chorus, with all that great vocals.

Well after an R&B ballad you sort of come to expect another R&B song, and that’s what Looking your eyes is. It’s a lot slower than the previous track but it’s just as enjoyable, perhaps not memorable but it sounds nice. There’s a great emphasis on the percussion than anything else. Shota’s vocals sounded ok, but I like them when there were some distortions. Miliyah’s weren’t all that impressive this time but again they sounded nice. One of the oddest things by far was the “stop” part, where things stopped for a second.

The final track is entitled I’M YOUR ANGEL. And what I love most about this track is the fact that it’s an R&B ballad with more of an emphasis on the ballad aspects. It doesn’t hurt that this is in English and oddly enough both artists display their talent for speaking English with a L. As far as lyrics they’re very romantic and lovey dovey, very sweet though. It sounds more American than the title track oddly enough, reminds me of stuff you might hear on your local radio station, well as far as R&B ballads go.

Overall Review: Love Forever was sweet R&B ballad benevolence! This is one of the GREATEST R&B songs I’ve heard. It beats BoA’s Eien and easily tops BENI’s Kiss Kiss Kiss. It sounds so simple and it’s filled with synth, which never hurts. But what I love about it is the fact that it sounds so American, then again that is there R&B got its start. As for the B-Sides, well they were interesting. The first wasn’t all that exciting, R&B nonetheless though, just a lot slower and more R&B centered. However the final track was pleasant and intoxicating. It’s far more mainstream and easier on the ears. Overall though I’m extremely pleased with this spectacular single.

Final Grade

3 Responses to “Love Forever”
  1. Ethan says:

    normally I think Miliyah Kato is pretty ugly… but she looks really beautiful on that cover!

    Btw Shota Shimizu is the guy that collaborated with her. x:

  2. chocomog says:

    actually I’m Your Angel is a cover of the American original song by the duet R.Kelly x Celine Dion. So it is American R&B de facto 😉

  3. hyperballad says:

    this girl is so beautiful…

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