Blog Stats April 09 / New Artist

Welcome to another wonderful edition of blog stats, which I’m sure people are so thrilled to see. Anyway the month of April was actually fairly good. There were a total of 7,689 views, a little less than March’s but with one less day and sporadic posting it’s no surprise. The most popular post was Hearts Grow’s Yura Yura again, I can’t stress the power of Naruto LOL, too bad it’s on hiatus, come on already give us Shippuden!!! Ayu’s NEXT LEVEL wasn’t far behind though. Anyway the site has now had 84,796+ views, getting really close to that 100k. I’ll try to be more active during May, I mean all I have to do is pass two AP Tests, one on May 6, the other on May 8. Once that’s over things will return to normal.

Now onto the new artist. Stereopony will now be featured on GoldHikari! It’s getting late and I have to take the SAT Subject Tests tomorrow so I won’t say much, more will be added. Basically a girl rock band from Okinawa, really good music, great vocals, catchy, and YUI’s given them a song!!! So great ready!


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