Filler / Edit

Yeah due to a bombardment of spam to blog stat page for march 09 i’m moving this info to this page. Just to let you know this is just a filler post.

However at this time I plan to write some stuff down. First off I plan to post a review either tomorrow or later today. I plan to review Crystal Kay’s Color Change album as well as GND’s Seeds of dream, ayak’s new single, Yuna’s Ima demo Aitai yo if it comes out xD, and eventually Kanon Wakeshima’s debut album, oh and Ravex’s trax ablum, having a lot to say about that lol. So just get ready for all of that. Things won’t be as active as they were in the past but after may 8 that should change, that’s the last ap test i’m going to take till next year!

now the stats for march.

Well I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any reviews since March 26, but things happen. I do plan to post maybe two reviews tonight, depends on what I feel like. But this post is basically a stat post and some future events. First off it appears that March 2009 has been the best month for this site. There were an astonishing 8,012 views!!! That’s a 33% increase from February’s 6,017 views, feel free to correct me on the math. I’m also going to try starting today to go by a 5 star rating system. It’s a bit more general, but it’s also better than just rating albums via letter grades, more to come on the rating system. There have been over 77,074 views in total!!! 75k is pretty good, so I’m still deciding what to do to celebrate this mile stone, perhaps some new stuff. I also still plan to update the index, which needs it desperately.

April Showers is the title for many reasons: 1) AP testing is in May…FML. 2) Teachers cram everything in! 3) Students suffer from extensive quizzes. 4) Students have actually cried from what I’m about to go through. So as a result I might not be as active this month, I mean I really want those AP credits, more credits more money for college. And after May things should be back to normal etc, more reviews, although knowing how active I try to be things will remain normal.

2 Responses to “Filler / Edit”
  1. hyperballad says:

    thats alot of reviews! and lots of them are unknow to me so i’m excited!!!

    haha u have till may 8 but i have till may 12…before may 12 my life is going down the its going down the hell!

  2. amaiyume says:

    Good luck with your APs!!!!
    School can be so annoying sometimes but I look forward to seeing more reviews from you!! Yay!!

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