Kiss Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss Kiss was BENI’s 10th single. It was released on April 8, 2009 and reached no. 40 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 1,740 copies sold. However despite peaking at no. 23 on the Oricon Daily Charts, the title track has reached no. 1 on the Chaku Uta Full Charts. The title track was used in a Kao Biore Body Deli CM.

Kiss Kiss Kiss - BENI

1. Kiss Kiss Kiss
2. Signal
4. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Instrumental)

Although I was a bit skeptical about Kiss Kiss Kiss a week ago I now LOVE it! It turns out that producer of this song also produced BoA’s Eien and BENI’s STAY, which is one of the reasons why it’s so catchy and impressive. Besides being a smooth synth infused R&B song it has a slight American flavor to it, snaps and all. The music is really light on everything, which is really good in this case, it doesn’t down out Beni’s lovely vocals. Anyway as to the actual music it’s light R&B with the piano and lots of catchy snaps, not to mention light synth riffs occasionally. The melody isn’t all that creative but it sure does sound great with the the English and music. The whole “Kiss Kiss Kiss” line during the chorus isn’t rocket science but it does does sound youthful and catchy.

In contrast to the title track is the heavy, edgy R&B Signal. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of Kiss Kiss Kiss. Heavy percussion beats and the strings are the best way to classify this song along with the edgy R&B music that’s devoid of synth. The vocals are full of more variety and power making it more exciting than the previous song. It’s also a little faster and a bit catchier than the title track oddly enough. And like most of Beni’s songs there is quite a bit of English. It doesn’t have the same charm as the title track though, but it can hold its own.

And now we come to the brand new remix of Mou Nido To... The original was a ballad with light R&B influences. This remix has managed to turn around this ballad into more of an energetic R&B dance-friendly tune. Things are sped up a bit, yet the song still retains its identity as a R&B song. I’m fairly impressed with the song actually, it’s much better than I though it’d be.

Overall Review: Kiss Kiss Kiss was American R&B perfection!!! As much as I love Beni’s ballads, her R&B songs kick butt! So it might be a youthful love song, either way it’s energetic enough to sound catchy and memorable. As for the B-Side, well it’s somewhat of a more aggressive version of the title track, still good for the most part. And the remix actually improved the song for once, well it depends on what you like more, a ballad or a dance song, either way you can’t go wrong. Another impressive addition to Beni’s discography. And I have to say that Beni is looking so much better these days, shorter hair seems to suit her.

Final Grade


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