Joy / Happy Ending

Joy / Happy Ending was BONNIE PINK’s 30th single. It was released on April 8, 2009 and reached no. 24 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. This is the third and final single in the One Era.

Joy / Happy Ending - BONNIE PINK

1. Joy
2. Happy Ending
3. You and I
4. Joy (Instrumental)
5. Happy Ending (Instrumental)

So apparently this is the final single from the One Era, and it appears that her Chain mini album isn’t going to be featured on that album either. Even now I’m not really sure what Bonnie’s main genre is, but it seems like she’s gone back to it with Joy. It’s laid-back and a little folk like, almost similar to Rie fu. The soft percussion, the organ, and acoustic guitar make for one interesting combination that’s nostalgic in a sense. And although the rhythm and melody isn’t all that impressive her song writing skills are. There’s a mention of birthday gifts, Sunday brunch, new years day, just a lot of special occasions that are close to all of our hearts.

So while Joy wasn’t all that impressive and flashy Happy Ending is more stylish and showy. The electric guitar immediately characterizes this song as an exhilerating rock song. It’s nowhere near Kane wo Narashite but it is fairly decent. The music is great, choppy at times but great all around. But as far as rock songs go it is uses a little less rock than I’d like. The slight synth feel was small but big enough for me to appreciate it. Unlike the previous song which wasn’t all that catchy this song is at least memorable. I wouldn’t go as far as to classify it was infectious but it does stick with you. And the ad-libbing towards the end sealed it, along with the occasional strings.

I’ve actually heard some positive feedback from You and I and it’s not hard to hear why. It’s rock yet it’s much faster when it comes to the pace and for once I can honestly say that it’s catchy. A little more mainstream yet still a Bonnie song. There’s a great rhythm that’s easy to get into. Although the vocals weren’t all that stunning they sounded great. The only problem is that it’s too repetitive. Some more variety and it could’ve easily been a A-Side.

Overall Review: Joy / Happy Ending was light simple nostalgia with some edgy rock simplicities. Honestly after Kane wo Narashite I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed by this single. Then again I have to remember that Bonnie isn’t all that mainstream and that’s what her previous single was. Yet while this single is a bit more personal and while it’s not so mainstream it is more homey and nostalgic. Joy brings up some strong feelings of the past that make you envision a simpler time where things were more black and white. Happy Ending is a little less personal but it’s also a little more epic and mainstream. The B-Side really stood out as something that’s more memorable and just an easy listen song. Pity it won’t be on the album. Overall it’s an enjoyable delightful single.

Final Grade



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