GIVE ME UP was Tamaki’s debut(16th Overall) single under Universal Japan. It was released on March 25, 2009 and reached no. 18 on the Oricon Charts with 5,831 copies sold. The title track is a cover of Michael Fortunati’s 1980’s hit of the same name.

GIVE ME UP - Tamaki Nami

2. Ichizu na Negai
3. Konojo (CD Regular Edition)
3. in my life (CD Limited Edition)
4. GIVE ME UP (Instrumental)

After her flop…er I mean album hehe I was actually looking forward to Nami’s new release. And honestly I have mixed feelings about GIVE ME UP. It’s pretty different from her techno dance days, now it seems she’s doing bubblegum pop that’s disposable. There’s no denying that it’s catchy with the energetic synth beats and pop music, yet it just feels so empty. The chorus is undeniably the best part of the songs just because of the fact that it’s repetitive and in English. Sadly I have to say that this is something you listen to once and then never listen to again.

A little less pop and slightly more enjoyable is Ichizu na Negai. The music is slightly less pop and more mainstream, a little hip-hop sounding at a few points. The guitars sound great and the brass is interesting, it actually sounds a little retro to me, just a tad. But I really just don’t like this song all that much.

By far the best B-Side is Konojo lit. Girlfriend. The gentle sounds of a piano and snaps open this wonderful track. The vocals are crisp and clear. The music is smooth and a fusion of ballad and pop. There’s a good amount of English in this song which makes it even better. The overall feel is very relaxing and just sweet.

The final track, or third depending on how you look at it, is in my life. Unlike any of the previous tracks this is a ballad. The piano chords and strings are excellent but so are the soft synth elements. I’ve tried to appreciate it but it’s just forgettable.

Overall Review: GIVE ME UP was sweet bubblegum, synth pop! Honestly I have to say that it does have some charm and some good points but then again it’s not very impressive. Give any artist a song like this and they can turn it into a bubblegum pop song, it’s not that hard. Her last single was a ballad so I really can’t compare the two. But this has to be her most pop influenced single to date, that being said one of her worsts too. I love fun energetic songs as much as the next person but this song is just way TOO repetitive. As for the B-Sides, the only good one was Konojo. It’s a step down from her previous works unfortunately.

Final Grade

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  1. […] GIVE ME UP, which equates to an unoriginal bubblegum pop-dance song. Don’t get me wrong, it’s catchy and all, but it lacks the quality of some of her past releases. The same goes with Friends! too. The semi dance-beats and the slow music don’t work for this song, making it a shitty piece of work. And as for in my life, it just doesn’t suite Nami at all. […]

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