Schwarzer Sarg

Schwarzer Sarg was Yousei Teikoku’s 6th single. It was released on July 9, 2008 and reached debuted at no. 43 on the Oricon Charts.

Schwarzer Sarg - Yousei Teikoku


1. Schwarzer Sarg
2. Wisdom
3. Schwarzer Sarg (Off Vocal)
4. Wisdom (Off Vocal)

I guess Schwarzer Sarg lit Black Coffin has been coming for a while now, it’s just I’ve been really busy and lazy. The fast paced opening with the eerie and ominous background vocals really wake you up alongside the dark yet classical music.Yui’s vocals are high for the most part and during the chorus it sounds incredible. Speaking of the chorus it’s really addictive. It’s rather explosive as it builds up and as the music speeds up for it. The classical strings and the guitar riffs come together in perfect harmony for an unforgettable track.

Things are slowed down a bit with Wisdom. It’s bar far the creepier track on the album, especially with those background vocals that’ll scare you to death. The classical elements are present but not as strong as in the previous song. The guitar is the main instrument followed by the piano, making for an interesting duo. I can’t say that it’s all that memorable though sadly.

Overall Review: Schwarzer Sarg was dark eerie desire! Once again Yousei Teikoku delivers with an impressive title track that’s just as dark and classic as they are. It’s eerie and rather ominous, typical of the band. It’s backed by those epic yet evil strings and the destructive guitar. A strong song yet not nearly as strong as some of their previous works. I can honestly say that I love the title track but the B-Side was lacking a little. Still overall a transcendent single. And on one final note, I love how a few of their songs are in German, different yet intriguing.

Final Grade

One Response to “Schwarzer Sarg”
  1. Araxiel says:

    Well I can’t see what is so intriguing in giving the songnames just some more or less random german words.
    But maybe I can’t understand that because I’m a nativ german speaker.

    Thanks for your reviews. I just heard a few songs and now I know which of their songs I should first listen to.
    Ok, to be honest, they just sparked my interest because they have songnames in german ^^
    Maybe somewhene they’re going to sing in german…just joking, that would probably by awful. Unless you’re perfect in the language, it’s going to be a grammatical utterly incorrect mess ^^’

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