miss you

miss you was Yuna Ito’s 11th single. It was released on September 3, 2008 and reached no. 20 on the Oricon Charts with 5,593 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 8,879+ copies. The title track was used in the Ito En Vitamin Fruit CM. This was the first single in the Dream Era.

miss you - Yuna Ito

1. miss you
2. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!
3. Urban Mermaid -Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddimix-
4. miss you (Instrumental)

From the cover I was really hoping for an up-beat energetic song, but with miss you I instead got a heartfelt and somber ballad. The rushing waves opened up this majestic song, setting the somber and solemn tone. The acoustics were incredible and during the beginning I could hear an accordion, giving it a slight Parisian feel. And the piano was amazing and lovely as always. Yuna’s vocals had a tangible amount of emotion in her vocals, more heartfelt and bittersweet that any of her other songs. I have to admit that I like it, but I don’t seriously think I’d ever remember this song sadly.

Now it’s time for that track that just makes you want to dance and have some fun. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! is really energetic and has the beach feel, sizzling summer vibe, it’s just plain fun. The guitars sounded like a flash from the past, almost Beach Boys like. The quick paced music and claps were just perfect for the beats, and the synth lines during the chorus was awesome. Again she uses some English but that really didn’t excite me that much. However the bridge with the synth lines that drowned out Yuna’s vocals were just annoying, that’s the only bad thing about this song.

I thought that original version of Urban Mermaid was a little cheesy, lyrical wise. And it was so up-beat and energetic but the arrangement was a little too much for me. But this remix is actually AMAZING! It just adds a synth arrangement with the keyboard and the strings. It’s rather superior to the original.

Overall Review: miss you wasn’t exactly what I had expected. I guess I’m still a little thrown off by the fact that it was a ballad. I think it’s a nice ballad and all but I still prefer trust you. Maybe it’s the fact that it was so heart wrenching. Sadly I have to say that it’s a little forgettable. The B-Side was what I expected, breezy, exciting and energetic. And for once the remix wasn’t so obnoxious. It’s an interesting way to begin the Dream Era.

Final Grade


4 Responses to “miss you”
  1. animay says:

    your the best artist in japan

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