Bridge to the sky

I guess that from the title you can infer that it’s break time. And I know that I haven’t been all that active this week, but I did just do BoA’s album as well as add Hikki’s scans, so I hope that will suffice. Again I’m traveling and that means no computer, well enough time to post. But feel free to leave comments and I’ll respond when I can. But expect no reviews until Monday, after that they’ll resume. I plan to do Perfume’s new single, as well as Kuu’s. And Ayu’s album will be coming up too, which is where I got the title from, awesome intro. And I’ve recently heard 1 night magic feat. MONKEY MAJIK and it’s astounding. Another great song from ravex, perhaps I’ll review their album. Anyway enjoy all the reviews and the scans.

And in other news, this site has hit over 75k views!!! A big thanks to all my affiliates who refer a lot of people. And thanks to everyone that reads this blog! I might have to do something special for this event later.


One Response to “Bridge to the sky”
  1. glass says:

    when i saw 1 night magic i was thinking about Hikki’s one night magic in Ultra Blue…

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