This Is The One Scans!

Happy March 24, 2009 Everyone! I know it’s not a real special day but I have some great news! Hikki’s album went digital via itunes and I have purchased my copy. It’s only $7.99 and it includes her new music video for Come Back To Me, which is normally $1.49 meaning that you actually save a little over $3 when it comes to purchasing everything together separately, but when you purchase it via tiunes you get a digital booklet, which is what I have to offer you today. There are 11 images and it’s real high quality, and Hikki looks amazing in them. I recommend you buy the album and support Hikki, no I don’t need a freeloader! But seriously at least get the video, which is the video of the week, meaning it’s free! Ok so here are the scans you’ve been waiting for! If there’s a password it’s goldhikari.

*Thanks again, and I hope to update my album review with some great scans. And when posting please credit me, it’s the polite thing to do, I’m sure we still have some manners left. And that includes using it in reviews if you’d be so kind.

* EDIT And the album has reached as high as no. 3 on the pop charts of itunes and no. 19 overall, much better than BoA!!!

This Is The One Scans

5 Responses to “This Is The One Scans!”
  1. Ali Nicole says:

    Thanks for giving me a heads up!

  2. josh012595 says:

    thanks for the scans! It’ll look great in my tito review! 😀

  3. glass says:

    gosh i was sooo happy that I can download the album…and luckily enough i got a free itunes giftcard with me.

    but my computer..cannot open itunes!!!

    its the worst thing that have ever happened to me….this year

  4. Moi says:

    what is this now, a BoA vs. Hikki (O.o) ~

    I’m rooting for both 😀 ! Best of K-pop and best of J-pop, if anything they should do a collab xD.

    Anyways, congrats Utada, I like Come back To Me & Apple & Cinnamon :3.

  5. Jeri says:

    I had grabbed CBTM on the free video of the week, so that made me happy :] I’m waiting for the physical album, I know I could save money on the digital, but my sibs like to delete my music off the computer and I really don’t want to risk it.

    Plus it will help Hikki on the Billboards once it’s released.

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