WILD / Dr.

WILD / Dr. was Namie Amuro’s 33rd single. It was released on March 18, 2009 and debuted at no. 1 on the Oricon Charts. WILD was used in a Coca Cola zero CM while Dr. was used in a Vidal Sassoon CM, following in the footsteps of her past single. This was also her first single in nearly a near as well as her first single since BEST FICTION.

WILD / Dr. - Namie Amuro

2. Dr.
3. WILD (Instrumental)
4. Dr. (Instrumental)

I can honestly say that even after WHAT A FEELING, I didn’t expect Namie to go electronic and dance with WILD. Despite being the first A-Side I definitely feel that it’s the weaker of the two. But despite that it’s an energetic and infectious dance tune, really reminiscent of WHAT A FEELING. Her English has gotten a lot better. The music moves a breakneck speeds and oddly enough all the electric and synth riffs really work for this song. The chorus is repetitive yet with all the English it sounds infectious and delicious. I just wish that the PV for this song was a little more creative, but on the bright side, it is memorable.

By far the more unique, creative, and better A-Side is Dr. This song is entirely something new and different from Namie. The music incorporates numerous elements that really make it stand out. The majority of the music is pretty R&B. But then again there are the occasional piano chords, synth riffs and electronic beats, not to mention numerous layering effects that make this song sound out of this world. During the one of the sections it does use some percussion making it sound like a marching band, sadly that’s my least favorite part because it sounds so out of place, English and all. What I really loved though were her outstanding vocals, which sounded great overall, but especially amazing during the bridge, where there were no vocoders or distortions, not to mention the lovely piano and ethereal feeling. What really stood out was the chorus. The layering effects and multitude of instrumentals really worked well. It wasn’t as aggressive or as fast as the previous song’s chorus but it was better. The transitioning was better as well as the rhythm and the vocals. And the lyrics were just astonishing. The song is all about time, hence Dr. Chronos. Namie’s basically asking Dr. Chronos to grant her last wish as well as save the love of two people. The computer vocals in the beginning and end were pretty awesome as well.

Overall Review: WILD / Dr. was one sexy single! Well perhaps I should rephrase that, Namie looks incredible and her vocals are so sultry and could easily give Kuu a run for her money. WILD was a bit disappointing and lackluster when comared to Dr. but by itself it’s a great song. It’s easy to remember and the electronic dance elements make it great for dancing. Dr. has stood out a lot from her past works. It’s more creative, complex, and intricate. All the new and numerous instrumentals paid off to make a masterpiece suitable of Namie’s greatness. It was different but change is always good. I was impressed with the composition and arrangement overall as well as Namie’s vocals, more emotion, more strength, and more variety. And it appeas that her English has improved, well for the most part. It was ncie to see her tackle a little more English, especially in Dr. with all the English lines. I hope that we’re laughing in the alternate world Dr.!! Overall a phenomenal and sublime single that’s sure to put her back in the limelight!

Final Grade: 100A+


4 Responses to “WILD / Dr.”
  1. glass says:

    I love DR. too, especially when Nami says “Doctor”

    it just sounds sooo good.

  2. Selryam says:

    I actually think Dr. was much better than WILD…

    Including the marching band section. In fact, I think that’s what makes the song STAND OUT as much as it did! What’s weird is that it has this whole hospital vibe to it, as well… Or at least, a science-y feel.

    WILD is still really good too, though.

  3. Die says:

    so do i lol, much better. and it does have that science-y feel lol, just amazing altogether, best single in years

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