Plagiarism Alert

Sadly it’s come to my attention that I’ve been a victim of plagiarism. Thanks to Kimitsu from Minnastar, I’ve learned that someone has been plagiarizing my work. I’m honestly a bit shocked at this and somewhat mad I guess, I mean taking it word for word without credit??? And the fact that it’s my work, which I honestly don’t think is all that good. I mean I get it if you read other’s reviews to get some inspiration, but to blatantly copy it? I guess it’s just really aggravating once you know. I have yet to contact the person but I’ll leave some message. Moral of the story is DON’T plagiarize, either cite or link back. I hope that no one else experiences this. I hope I’m not stealing from Kimitsu’s thunder, but here is the Wall Of Shame, I hope I’m not angering you in any way.

One Response to “Plagiarism Alert”
  1. Sporky says:

    who plaigarizes a review blog? is it mentally impossible for them to have an opinion lol? I mean, it’s not even necessary to steal someones writing just to comment on wether you like a song or not LOL.

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