Blog Stats February / March 09

It’s been a while so I thought it’d be good to post some Blog Stats. For February there were 6,017 views. The most visited page is still HEART STATION with 1,048 views. But for February the most viewed page was Yura Yura with 146 views, the power of Naruto. Come Back To Me was next with 121 views. In all there have been over 72,613+ views! That makes me really happy! Almost to the 75k mark and then 100k!!! A big thanks to all my affiliates, especially Lex. March has been going really good though as far as views. Today and yesterday this site has received 314 and 320 views, normally the average is normally 200 or so, so that’s really good, and this week’s view has been the highest since this site started last year. There were a grand total of 1,816 views this week! The highest time before that was the 38th week of the blog with 1,803 views. So I’m just really excited.

Anyway onto the future reviews. I still plan to review Kanon Wakeshima’s new album, maybe in a few weeks though. BoA is coming up soon, along with Hikki by Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ll have Genki Rockets’ album up. Ayu is next week, and maybe I’ll review Kuu’s collaboration album. I still plan to do some Crystal Kay as well as complete Bonni Pink’s album. I might do a special review of Namie’s BEST FICTION. And that also reminds me that her WILD / Dr. is up too. I hope you guys and girls are enjoying the reviews.


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