trust you

trust you was Yuna Ito’s 13th single. It was released on March 4, 2009 and reached no. 5 on the Oricon Charts with 27,254 copies sold. The title track was used as the second ending theme song for the second season of the anime Gundam 00. It was released in two versions, a CD edition and a Limited CD Edition featuring a different cover. This was also the third highest first week sales of Yuna’s career. This was the third single in her new era.

trust you - Yuna Ito

1. trust you
2. Brand New World
4. trust you -GUNDAM00 ver.-
5. trust you -instrumental-

It’s been a while since Yuna has released a ballad of this magnitude. And I’m actually shocked that it was used in as one of the theme songs. Moving on, it’s what you’d expect from a ballad, strings and piano but this ballad is different. It’s more up-beat and it’s a bit more energetic. The music is rather simple with the piano and strings arrangement and the snaps, which seem to give the song a nice R&B flare, yet it works quite well in this song; perhaps simple is the best in this case. The chorus was oddly enough magnificent and it does grow on you, despite it being rather simple and epic. But what I really loved were Yuna’s vocals. Her vocals are really powerful, well they’re loud, but you can hear them, they’re not being overwhelmed by the music. It’s actually a very magical ballad once you give it a shot.

As much as I love Yuna’s ballads, I love her up-beat songs even more, that’s why I love Brand New World. It’s very synth oriented with all the thumping beats and various synth elements, it’s modern and an energetic song. The fast paced music meshes incredibly with the thumping music. And I know I said that I loved Yuna’s vocals in the last time, but I love them even more in this song. There’s more life to them, not to mention more variety. It’s almost like her last single, yet not as loud, overall still enjoyable. As usual there’s a lot of English making it really memorable and infectious. The lyrics were really enjoyable too, talk about up-beat and optimistic. And the chorus, OMG it was spectacular, it’s got the right amount of pop and synth, making it just right, not too obnoxious. It’s really infectious but then again I love songs like this. And I especially loved the slightly distorted strings during the bridge, pure fantasy!

If you thought the original version was island friendly you’ve heard nothing. The –DJ-PASSION MORE PASSION REMIX- of Koi was groovy×2 is pretty much a jazzed up island version of the original. It has been lengthened up by a few extra seconds but it’s still great, you just have to get past the first few seconds. The whistle got annoying after a while but I loved the constant keyboard keys. I still prefer the original but it’s still a nice remix, more worthy than her previous remixes.

The -GUNDAM00 ver.- of trust you appears on the Limited Edition version of the CD. It’s basically just the TV Size version, what was played during the end. That being said it features a slightly different arrangement. It’s actually quite catchy, but goes by so fast.

Overall Review: trust you was pure ballad simplicity. Despite the simplicity of this ballad I really enjoyed it. It’s so phenomenal in terms of vocals and arrangement, the strings just sounding incredible. Although I’m still shocked that it was used as one of the ending theme songs. On the bright side it did help the single. The B-Side really rocked, seriously I love her up-beat songs, more than her ballads in fact. The remix wasn’t all that bad, very good compared to the last few. And the tv size was just awesome, so catchy and so short. The fact that she looked amazing in this single didn’t hurt either, talk about elegant and regal. This is such a stunning fan, perfect for any Yuna fan.

Final Grade: 100A+


4 Responses to “trust you”
  1. taelin says:

    I loved trust you too ^^. Ito’s vocals were amazingly strong, and she hit the higher notes with such strength. =) I’m not fond of her more upbeat songs though.

  2. bkbfcujqgf says:

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  1. […] like she’s getting all of the up-beat songs out of the way early, especially with Brand New World. It was originally the B-Side on trust you and I’m ecstatic to see that it’s on the […]

  2. […] The best part though, her amazing and grown up vocals, such power. We can’t forget about trust you though, aka the Gundam 00 song. The song is just epic with the modern/classical arrangement, […]

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