Home was Rie fu’s 10th single. It was released on January 23, 2008 and reached no. 98 on the Oricon Charts. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Koneko no Namida.

Home - Rie fu

1. Home
2. Wait For Me
3. (They Long To Be) Close To You

Right from the start you can tell that Home is one of Rie fu’s songs, namely from the folk music. It takes a while but this song grows on you. It’s very cheery and whimsical. The piano chords are in perfect harmony with the guitar riffs and the angelic strings. And honestly it’s very epic, well at least during the chorus. The music sounds so beautiful and so regal, fit for a ballad yet just right for this song. I completely loved the brass and the percussion, a unique yet vibrant combination. Her vocals sound excellent as always but with a few minor distortions it reminds me of 5000 MILES. The lyrics are very descriptive, they almost seem to ramble on, but all and all it’s very romantic. And as usual there’s some English in there. Just a warning, it takes a while before it gets really good.

Wait For Me is basically a watered down version of Home. Except this song is more somber and solemn in tone. It’s not nearly as cheery with the acoustics and lonely piano, but it’s certainly just as beautiful. Rie fu’s vocals were great too, a little monotone but great nonetheless.

The Carpenters are one of Rie fu’s favorite artists so I guess it’s no surprise that she decided to cover their (They Long To Be) Close To You. This song is pretty similar to the original for the most part. I really loved the music, nostalgic in a sense, reminds me of the old days, way back when. The lonely piano chords and the classical strings were simple yet impressive. And does Rie fu have amazing vocals, they’re outstanding. Her English covers are always impressive, luckily this song follows that pattern.

Overall Review: Home was acoustic folk simplicity! Despite the simplicity of this single it’s rather enjoyable and astounding. The music is heavenly in an acoustic and ballad sense, and the fact that she included the brass really shows some diversity. Rie fu’s vocals don’t disappoint one bit in any of the songs. The only bad thing about the title track is that you have to wait before things get really good, aside from that it’s perfect. The B-Side was pretty simple and somewhat sad, yet overall it’s wonderful, although it’d be better if it was more up-beat. And lastly, the cover is just astonishing. Rie fu does the original version justice and then some. Then again I love the original version, so perhaps I’m a bit biased.

Final Grade: 95A



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