present was Rie fu’s 12th single. It was released on February 25, 2009. This is also the final single prior to her newest studio album URBAN ROMANTIC set to be released in April 2009.

present - Rie fu

1. present
2. Time Traffic (Rie fu mix)
3. Doyara kyo mo Shibuya Made

It’s safe to say that Rie fu is back to her folk songs, which is both good and bad in a way. With present Rie fu focuses more on the ballad aspect of her music more than anything. And that’s really the best way to describe this song. It’s a soft ballad that’s pretty generic I guess. The music is pretty normal with the strings and the piano chords. The arrangement is magnificent, and the music is astounding but it’s what you expect. Rie fu’s vocals really aren’t all that astounding either sadly. It’s a letdown at best.

I really don’t know much about Time Traffic (Rie fu mix), but I do know that it’s a collaboration between Rie fu and LEO. It’s more R&B sounding than anything really. The beats are infectious and mesh well with the piano chords. Not only that but Rie fu’s vocals are stunning, and go well together with LEO’s. It’s mid-tempo and with the music so soft you might find yourself in a trance with this song. I prefer this over the title track any day.

Leave it to Rie fu to have such a bad title track but an amazing B-Side. That’s what Doyara kyo mo Shibuya Made is, it’s an energetic B-Side that’s perfect for her upcoming album. It’s more or less one of her folk songs and this time it’s actually good. It’s pretty up-beat and the acoustic guitar is just awesome in this song. The soft electric guitar riffs were petite yet still rockin’. And unlike the title track, the melody is just so catchy, don’t be surprised if you just start singing. Unlike the previous songs, Rie fu’s vocals really shine though, the collaboration was nice but you also got LEO’s. With this song you get to hear Rie fu’s unaltered and beautiful vocals, that reminds me of 5000 MILES.

Overall Review: present was a folk return. Sadly I think she should have stuck with Taku being her producer and the synth music. The title track was really weak for a ballad and really lacking, I mean what happened to her Life is like a boat material? It’s just seems like she’s taken a giant step back. Maybe I just need some time. Her collaboration was just awesome, I mean really amazing. It’s the closest thing to R&B for Rie fu so enjoy. The final B-Side was more like Rie fu, up-beat, folk, acoustic, and magical! One of the best things about this single was sadly the cover, which featured the same trichromatic scheme as her last single, just with blue. Not a surefire way to end the URBAN ROMANTIC Era.

Final Grade: 92B

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