Star Line / Smile

Star Line / Smile was Genki Rockets’ 2nd single. It was released on June 11, 2008. This was the second and final single in the Genki Rockets I -Heavenly Star- Era.

Star Line / Smile - Genki Rockets

1. Star Line
2. Smile
3. Star Line -Stratos Mix-
4. Smile -Chemistry Of Sound Mix-
5. Star Line -Blue Line Mix-

Genki Rockets is a truly amazing group, despite being virtual etc. They keep coming out with high quality music, just like Star Line. Compared to their usual synth pop sound, Star Line is remarkably different. For one, the music isn’t synth pop, it’s more of an electric rock, electric guitar riffs and all. Obviously there’s still a hint of synth pop, but it’s minor and most of the song is rock. Like all of their songs, it’s performed entirely in English, and good English at that. There are some grammar problems, but really minor, the important thing is that it sounds good. The lyrics mention “cinematic lights, systematic time, and Star Line.” It’s pretty up-beat as far as rock music goes, and it’s just as catchy and as memorable as their previous single. Maybe it’s because the lyrics are in English, or that the melody is memorable, or maybe it’s just the vocals, either way this song is catchy.

Well the band has taken a step back with Smile. Perhaps quality wise, but they definitely return to their synth pop roots, except that this song is more of a synth ballad. There are pletty of distortions, and in this song you can clearly hear at least two sets of vocals. The piano chords and all the synth music sounded so magical and a little romantic, the lyrics didn’t hurt with the mood either. And again all of the lyrics were in English. I think this is a nice song, it’s just not all that awing, don’t get too excited.

On to the remixes. The first is the Stratos Mix of Star Line. At almost six minutes, this remix makes a name for itself, which isn’t really good. The music is way to techno / house oriented. The focus is on the beats and music and the layering of the vocals was cool and annoying at the same time. If there were more vocals it’d be better, but this remix is just too much of a change. There are no rock elements, and all that’s left are the layered vocals and light synth / house music.

At first the Chemistry Of Sound Mix of Smile sounds nice, but give it a minute. For about 30 seconds it sounds good, then it goes downhill from there. After that the music becomes more ambient synth & techno, which isn’t good in this case. The vocals are too choppy, and sporadic for my taste. The strings sounded great, but that was it.

All I have to say is that the Blue Line Mix of Star Line is just as bad as all those other remixes. It’s way to centered on the beats and music, and the music isn’t even all that good, it’s mostly house and techno. Again the main problem was the vocals, the majority of the song was music, with the occasional vocals, and most of the time they weren’t all that loud, they were drowned out by the music.

Overall Review: Star Line / Smile was synth pop divergence! Genki Rockets has done it again, and this time they’ve partially abandoned that synth pop sound. Star Line was rock passion, and very up-beat too. It’s a lot better than the second title track Smile. Smile is way too innocent and synth based in my opinion. I would’ve been better if they kept with the rock elements like in Star Line, but for now it’s ok. The remixes like last time were just horrible, but I guess some people find them appealing. A fascinating and starry way to end the Genki Rockets I -Heavenly Star- Era.

Final Grade: 92B


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