Reincarnation was Ami Suzuki’s 30th single. It was released on February 25, 2009. This single was produced by Taku of m-flo, rather than Yasutaka Nakata.

Reincarnation - Ami Suzuki

1. Reincarnation
2. Dub-I-Dub
3. Reincarnation -Extended Version-
4. Reincarnation -Instrumental-

Well it’s safe to say that Ami is back, but really Reincarnation is a flop. In the beginning the song is pretty mundane with just Ami’s vocals and some annoying keyboard keys. Things don’t get interesting until the 1:09 mark and even then it’s not all that great. The music, despite being electronic and featuring amazing distortions, doesn’t really work with this song and Ami’s normal vocals, I mean the vocoder did a lot for her voice. Not only that but the music and the obnoxious beeps got annoying so quickly. But despite all of that I do have to admit that I did find the melody to be a little catchy. Still the verses really killed this song.

Let’s face it, the title track sucked, but luckily the B-Side Dub-I-Dub makes up for it. It’s a cover of the classic DDR song, and Ami does a really good job with this song. This song still features that infectious synth / techno music, but it’s on the light side of things compared to the previous song. All of this song is in English, which is good and bad. At times it’s a little hard to understand Ami, but for the most part it’s entertaining. There’s still a hint of the vocoder here which is actually a wonderful sound, her vocals sound a hell of a lot better. It’s actually a very catchy song, and it really saves this single.

I’m not exactly sure what the point of adding an Extended Version of Reincarnation was. The original was so long and boring enough as it is, and now they’ve found a way to make it even worse. The beginning is just like the original with the keyboard chords, which still sound annoying. Nothing has changed for the most part except for the longer intro and outro.

Overall Review: Reincarnation was a squalid rebirth. Seriously, with the title I expected a lot from this song. But all I got was a crappy electronic tune. I really think that her music was a lot better when Yasutaka Nakata was producing it. I mean Taku could have at least made the music sound good with her vocals, he did a great job with Rie fu’s Romantic. Truthfully the title track was just too annoying, music and all. The B-Side really saved this song to say the least, it more than made up for that horrible title track. I feel like this single is attempting to mimic her FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER with the extended version, and the attempted electronic sound. Not the best rebirth sadly.

Final Grade: 80C


2 Responses to “Reincarnation”
  1. Lex says:

    Spot-on review! I don’t really like Reincarnation and I agree that Dub-I-Dub is much better.

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