Sweet Song

Sweet Song was Soni’s debut single. It was released on February 25, 2009. This single is a collaboration between DJ LADY BiRD and Soni, although her real name is Wei Son. Therefore this single is credited as LADY BiRD feat. Wei Son. And time for the background information. Apparently Soni is a model for Japanese magazine Popteen. And she was also born in China.

Sweet Song - LADY BiRD feat. Wei Son

1. Sweet Song
2. Bitter Chocolate
3. Sweet Song (DJ KAYA Remix)
4. Sweet Song (LADY BiRD Remix)
5. Sweet Song (Inst)
6. Bitter Chocolate (Inst)

On a whim I decided to give Sweet Song a listen. It’s a very energetic dance song that despite being pretty generic, is actually infectious. And by generic I mean that normally you might not give it the time of day, that it’s basically your average dance song, and you know what to expect. The dance beats are crazy and insanely good, and surprisingly go well with the fast music. The music is a mixture of heavenly dance music, mainly techno beats and electronic distortions. The piano chords during each verse sounds pretty nice. And oddly enough I really enjoyed the verses more than the chorus, maybe it’s because the vocals sounded so unique. There’s a bit of vocoder but I really don’t mind. As for the chorus, well it’s blast from the past when it comes to music. It’s infectious yet with the keyboard is sounds reminiscent of the 90s pop, despite it being a dance song. Like most songs it did include some English, which was amazing. Some other guy sand background vocals, or was featured, either way it was good. Anyway one of the best things about this song was the bridge, which was an electric guitar solo along with the occasional electronic distortions.

At first I thought I was listening to Tamaki Nami’s Believe in the 1st second, but after a while I knew that it was Bitter Chocolate. This song is similar to the title track in that it features that same dance / electronic music. Although in this song it is scaled down a bit, it’s not nearly as aggressive, it’s more lighthearted. There are still various electronic beeps and distortions, still magnificent. Again the vocoder is used for part of the vocals, which actually makes it exciting and more enjoyable. I definitely liked all the ad-libbing, pretty cute.

On to the two remixes. The first is the DJ KAYA Remix of Sweet Song. It’s basically a more house friendly version of Sweet Song. Things are sped up tremendously, for a unique song. I might even go as far as calling this a trance song, the beats are pretty aggressive and that electronic music is pretty prevalent. The only major problem is that it’s hard to hear the vocals.

The final remix is the LADY BiRD Remix. It’s pretty long at over 6 minutes, but despite that it’s better than the previous remix. The whole beginning is just Soni and that guy singing in English, which actually sounds really good. The only main difference between this and the original is just the length I guess. Well that and the opening sequence, which features more percussion and the guy singing. I guess I should also mention there are more background vocals too. It’s funny but somehow I like this remix better than the original.

Overall Review: Sweet Song is truly an amazing debut. Despite this song being a little generic in it’s arrangement and structure it’s certainly catchy and infectious. It’s very characteristic of dance songs yet it’s memorable. I guess I’m just a sucker for dance songs, but I really like this song. It’s not overly obnoxious like many dance songs and Soni’s vocals, even with the vocoder, were so refreshing. The B-Side isn’t all that bad either, it’s just a little too mediocre, but give it a shot. The remixes were actually really good, like Ayu acoustic goodness, just not acoustic and more dance oriented. For any dance fan or electronic love, even Ami Suzuki fan, this is a MUST!

Final Grade: 97A


One Response to “Sweet Song”
  1. kike says:

    muy tremendo el single!!! awsome

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